Boeings over the Rockies

Hey guys, I am hosting an event This Saturday July 25th in the Denver region. The event will be a loop of 3 mountain airports (KEGE, KASE, and KGUC) featuring Boeing aircraft only. The objective will be to start at Eagle (KEGE) land at Aspen, (KASE) land at Gunnison, (KGUC) and then fly back to Eagle. The event will take place on the playground server at 10:30AM PDT. We would also like to get some controllers involved. Hope to see you there. πŸ˜„.

P.S. Please message me your screenshots!


I’ll try to be there

You should try posting this is Infinite Flight Fan Group or Infinite Flight World Pilots on Facebook! They would probably get a little more attention there!

I where should I park in eagle

Do u want to fly right now

Hope y’all had fun

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I always park at the ramp

I will be there in a sec in a American 737

I’m on the ranp