Boeing's new 777X to be the A380s threat

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I’ve been digging deeply about the 777X and found out that it’s 777-8 version has a longer range than the Airbus A380! Only costing $371 Million, the 777-8 is cheaper, has a longer range and it is filled with better technology. But what it really comes down to are the seats where the A380 wins by a mile!

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Two words, one number. Double decker 777


This is why I am disgusted by the 777. Worst aircraft ever. It has ruined so many aircraft. The A380 is bad cause it’s made by airbus and no one flies it. Yet still the 747 is also getting taken down my the 777. Don’t know why anyone likes that plane. It’s cause of the 777 that the 747 will die and the A380. It’s also the reason for the death of the 767 the Concorde A350 and 757.

If they make the 777 a double decker and remove the autoland. Then maybe it can be accepted as a plane.


Wow dude, are you okay?


So your saying every airline is picking the B777 over every other aircraft? That’s a very inaccurate statement.


The proposed idea to match A380 seats is a 777-10X, which would we what the 78X is to the 788. A bigger variety with less range, but much more capacity.

@AndrewRG10 Are you saying the 777 is too good for its own good? Make it not as good to level the playing field? I don’t call that bad, I say it’s brilliant.


No offence but what’s the point in this topic? It’s like comparing a A350 with the B787 they aren’t meant to compete. The A380 is meant to compete with the B747-8 🙄


Half of the airlines that use the 747-8i are cargo airlines 😑


Don’t hold back man, tell it how it is!

The way the 777-300ER absolutely murdered the A340-600 is beyond belief.
But let’s remember the $$ talk. Emirates will be buying A380s for a loooooong time to come, even whilst taking delivery of the 777Xs.

Thats planeist!

  • Air France
  • Asiana Airlines
  • British Airways
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Korean Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Thai Airways International

All operate the A380, by the way.


Yes but they are all second rate, amateur airlines that don’t know how to turn a profit ;)

They don’t count.

Boeing = Master Race in Aviation


Well, I guess you don’t think that 1.3 billion AED is good profits then…


ANA are soon to also


Anything but amateur airlines in my view.

The A340-600 would have “died” earlier or later. It’s just too expensive too keep it.

  1. It got 4 engines → not really fuel efficient
  2. the A346 got so many corrections from its predecessors (A342, A343 etc.) → it got more expensive
    The future belongs to twin-engine aircrafts and not to planes with 4 jet engines

Yes it was always going to struggle with the 4 engine handicap.
Emirates had an order for the A340-600s. Airbus offered the frames insanely cheap, and even flirted with offering airlines a form of cashback to make up for the fuel burn deficiency.

Even with this generous offering, they still didn’t take the -600s. Make no mistake the 777-300ER gave Airbus a mighty shock with the way it outpetformed it’s original specification.

This post is hilarious reading some of the responses.

So lets settle some myths before this becomes a Boeing Vs Airbus thread!

777 was introduced in 1994! The 777 was created as a replacement for the 767-400 with better range, fuel economy, lower operating cost, and twin engine. It fulled the gap between the 767 and the 747-400. Since 1994 we’ve seen vast improvements to the 777 model including the introduction of the 777-200LR, 200F, and 300ER. The B777 was the first Boeing to be designed not for speed but for economy savings with long range. The same gentleman that designed the 747 had a hand in helling design the 777.

The A340 was introduced in 1993 as a competitor to the 747. It was conjointly developed with its twin engine sister the A330. Due to many commonalities they share a type rating allowing pilots to fly both. The A330 which was introduced in 1994 was the competition for the 777 and 767. The A340 along with high acquisition cost was very expensive to operate. It couldn’t compete with the 747 which many airliners already had or the 777 which had a backlog of orders. The A330 while popular due to its cost per avg seat mile still didnt have the range or reliability of the 777.

I’m not going to entertain the A380 in comparison because that would take too long. However, the A380 was never competition for the 777 it was Airbus answer to the 748i.

Thus, to say the 777 is the worse airplane and it’s killed so many airframes. The airplane is 23 years old thus its a reliable and good airframe. With over 1000 777s made and a backlog more of the newer varients its one of themost succesful wide bodies ever built!

Hope this post helps




Yes this helps prove my point. The Pilot has shed light on my accurate statement, some people just like to believe the B777 is a replacement for everything though. Next thing you know the A320 is a failure and no one flies it but the B777 is much better 😂


Well obviously the 777x is the final nail in the A320s coffin. Airbus are doomed lolz.