Boeing's factory new aircraft spotting (first flights) and 737 MAX spottings


oh so Boeing made it survivable to ryanair landingsXD


and longer so that Ryanair can fit more people.


well good luck to the passengers on the Ryanair flight…


Ye… I saw the pic of 29” it’s cramped… I won’t be able to fit in a 28” one… Looks like I’ll stay with easy jet.


I think it’s a brand new AtlasJet 737-900 (first flight)


Wheres that? Everett?


I’m sorry, but saying where is was would reveal my location :)

I can only say that it was NOT at Everett, and that’s true.


They have been sold, aircraft don’t work like a candy bar for example, whare a company makes 100 of them, ships them to a store, then sells them after they were made, aircraft are made to order with each costumer having lots of say in the aircraft, they only make them once they have been sold…


Oh, that makes sense! I fixed that…


No problem! Glad I could help!


(I also made it wiki if you see more stuff to fix)


I mean you don’t have to make every topic a wiki, I mean there isn’t really any harm in it, but it’s fine, unless it’s a specific format for people to add to it, most regulars aren’t going to edit your stuff for the sake of it…