Boeing's factory new aircraft spotting (first flights) and 737 MAX spottings


Huh I’ve never actually seen a 737-MAX yet…Nice pics though.


Oh, ok then, I hope it helps them butter!


Where do you live?! There are so many around here…


I live in Dallas but most of the time, I take early morning or late night flights, so I really don’t get to see as many airplanes as I would hope to. I guess it’s just that I’m unlucky. lol


Here is another picture I took of the tail of a tyanair 737 max, taken for @Georges180305 and @JeromeJ (and everyone else)! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Robertine should take more Ryanair 737 MAX pictures
  • No need, I don’t care about them, Robertine

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Oh they did lookie here
Image result for 737 max 8 cockpit comparison
Or if you are talking about IF im sorry


Hmm, seems to be the first RyanAir -8MAX off the production line. Cool shots tho!


Yeah but that was my point ;)

All they changed were the screens, with not much new info, they still got the old warning panels over the yokes. lol!!

It’s a beautiful aircraft nonetheless


1is a Spicejet doing a test flight
2 is a British Airways and Ryanair being built (and some spare wings on the side!)


1 is an UNKNOWN 737 MAX
2 is an IcelandAir 737 MAX 8 and a beautiful winglet
3 is a United 737 MAX and an Unknown 737 MAX
4 is a long lineup of new Aircraft!
5 is a Delta 737 9
6 is also a Delta 737 9

Some of these are unknown, so if you recognize the tail, please let me know what it is.

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  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

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Coma 737 MAX 8 flyover!

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Waiting for their first flights!




Did I just saw a Ryanair 737 max in the last picture?


Icelandair :)


This is a Ryanair 737 MAX 200.


there is no max 200 only max 8-10


Learn something new every day, @Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk! :)


its pretty much the max 8 lookie here
Image result for 737 max 200


yes, but they have a MAX 200 only for Ryanair.