Boeing's factory new aircraft spotting (first flights) and 737 MAX spottings


Here are some pictures I took of Boeing 737 MAX flight tests flying above my house. I find it cool to think that these aircraft have not been used commercially yet, and I’m one of the first people to see them fly, and now, you are too! Here they are:

These are close-up pictures to see the details very close!

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(Look at all those strobe lights, even on the tail!

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Thank you!


Nice photos


Thank you!


The737 MAXs are a common thing where I live. I see up to 4 per day flying low above me. Therefor, I can take more pictures of them to post.

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If you’re using digital zoom, I’d recommend maby a touch less, since it seems like the quality is falling off, but those are some well framed photos…


I was using a phone clip-on zoom lens kit, and I will use less digital! Thank you for the tip!


737 MAX looks beautiful, just a shame they didn’t do something new in the cockpit, the same old switches…


That’s something I need to get, I can’t speak for the quality of the clip on, but it’s optical zoom is probably way better than you’re phones digital zoom since that just crops image unless you’re phone has optical zoom…


The cockpit is arguably one of the biggest changes, it’s a proper glass cockpit to rival the best of them!


The optical zoom lens introduces a ton of chromatic abberation


I have to disagree. No proper eicas or eicam, still an old warning panel. Old switches, and no automation. You still need to switch bleed, electrical power and all that stuff manually… Come on! This is 2019! LOL

Yes the screens are bigger, but they show the same exact information as before, nothing new. Fancy little moving map but that’s it…


I’m not a real pilot, and I see from you’re profile you are, so I differ to you on that, but Boeing aircraft are more manual than a certain comparator, and I think depending on you’re opinions, and I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, it’s definitely not like the NGs were bad aircraft, so some Cary Over isn’t bad.


I’m not saying it is a bad aircraft. But imagine a 737 Max with a 787 cockpit ;) Boeing has the technology to make it happen.

They only kept the cockpit as such so that 737 operators wouldn’t have to retrain all pilots for a new type. This way, all current pilots can fly both the NG and MAX, without extensive training, which would cost money.

So yeah… I have a dream ;) (I’m still an airbus guy so…)


Well that sounds like a valid reason to me, there are quite a few airlines who rely solely on the 737. But I suppose we need to wait for the 797 to see a 737 787 fusion… 😉


Wasn’t an argument and we finished. Sorry for hijacking even though it was linked to the aircraft in initial post.



I must agree with @Wilco062, it was only a few coments long, on topic, amd civil…


Well, I’m glad that we’re all good on that! It’s all good, I’m glad that other people are geeking out on the MAX! Thanks!


Did I just see a Ryanair 737-200 MAX?!


The last photo looks like it will wear a Ryanair livery, as it has part of it on the tail.


Did you say Ryanair? 🤣