Boeing's 737 Max will fly in Europe First

Why Boeing’s New 737 Will Fly in Europe First - Bloomberg


Well at least they’ll be here sooner than later. I’m happy that southwest is getting over 200 737MAX because I always fly southwest and I just can’t wait until I get on of those aircrafts. But I’m surprised that Norwegian is getting the first aircraft even though Southwest designed it I feel like they should get upper hand and get the first delivery. And I would love it if the Devs came out with the 737 max in infinite flight I would be the happpiest person on planet earth.


That’s to bad:-(

Well that’s a surprise…

I posted something about this a couple of weeks ago but people argued it was inaccurate information. Glad to see I was right.


Weren’t they going to set up a hub in Edinburgh?

Anyhow both liveries fit perfectly in the 737.

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