Boeing's 10,000th 737!

In case some of you haven’t noticed on Boeing has recently won the award of the most produced commercial aircraft model (Guinness World Records). This is an incredible milestone for not only Boeing but for anyone who has flown on a 737 as you are helping make history. From just 2006 they had this record for their 5,000th 737, that is with decades of production and just 12 years later they have doubled that to an incredible 10,000. Boeing first released the 737 in 1967 with Lufthansa, and now they roll out their 10,000th with Southwest painted on her side. This is a true milestone for everyone in aviation as this airplane has been the poster child of aviation since 1967. I have always loved the 737 and always will. The 737 will always be remembered as the workhorse in aviation and I see 737’s flying around for decades to come. This is a truly beautiful aircraft that demands all the love and respect in the world for what she has done for aviation.
Thank you, Boeing, and thank you all who have flown on her!

737 Facts
  • A 737 takes off or lands every 1.5 seconds
  • Roughly 2,800 737’s are in the air at any given time
  • More than 22 billion passengers have flown on a 737
  • More than 4,600 are still on order yet to be delivered
  • The 737 has flown over 122 billion miles enough to get you around the earth 5 million times



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I think there aren’t that many people on the planet :) did you mean that the 737 has serviced 22 billion passengers?


Whenever some one I know feels down, I say “listen… the 737 wasn’t successful at first now look at it!” Most of the time my friends get it. #AviationProblems


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Quite an accomplishment by Boeing, just wait until the 737 MAX.

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What do you mean wait for the 737 MAX? It has been released for quite a while. The photo of the 10,000th 737 is also a MAX.

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Sucks that southwest didn’t put some type of special livery on this, it’ll just blend in with the other 737s.
You could fly on this and never know it was the 10,000th 737.

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Congratulations to Boeing and thanks to everyone who flies the Boeing 737-800 !!

This is a great achievement by Boeing!! Can’t wait for the MAX!

Haha, my bad 😂 I must’ve been really tired while writing that.

Congratulations Boeing

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