BoeingA320's ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED IFATC]

Hello, welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I am on my second go at becoming a member of IFATC, after taking a very long hiatus from Infinite Flight in general. Please stop by for pattern work or just a quick flight when I am available, as I would really appreciate it!
Name: BoeingA320
Airport: KFAT
Server: Training
Status: CLOSED
Update: I have passed my IFATC practical, and I am now a member of IFATC! Because of that, this tracking thread is now closed.

For my first post on my new tracking thread, I will be open for the next while at KMCI, sticking with the ATC at home theme. While I have a love-hate relationship with my home airport, it is very unique and fun to fly to in a sim! It is also a small hub for Southwest, the airport’s largest operator. Enjoy the city of fountains!

Coming for some patterns :)

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Had to spawn closer to the runway… LOL

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@Airbus_737 severe competence mate…

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I joined first :)

Hey there @IanD

  1. Unnecessary hold position, you could have given me or the other aircraft the give way command :)
  2. LUAW not needed as the aircraft was already in the air and turning crosswind
  3. Didnt need the unnecessary enter right base patterb entry for REWRK757
  4. You cleared me once and it was left downwind for 19R… remember if I go into a pattern you Sequence me if needed then ALWAYS clear me on either crosswind or early downwind :)
  5. The reason I went around was because you didnt clear me for the option… even after I went around you didnt clear me!


Continue working! This is what tracking threads like these are for! Remember Pattern entry if an aircraft is changing runway or inbound from another airport then sequence if the aircraft is behind another and last clear them to land or for the option! :)

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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Lol so will be the other way round

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Thanks for stopping by, and especially the feedback! This was my first time in over a year, so I was a bit rusty and forgot a few commands, like the give way command. Also, what does LUAW stand for? I’m sure it’s obvious, I’m just a bit slow.

Line up and wait :) Ill be sure to stop by again when I see your thread open!


Getting back onto ATC again, this time in a more popular airport in this sim, Sydney! Please stop by for a beautiful Australian flight, or Help me out and do some patterns! (Only accepting patternwork at 34R so that general traffic can run through other runways)

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coming in, I’m gonna do some patterns, transitions, departures out, then fly back in, so please stay on as long as possible. the past 3 tracking threads I’ve been to logged off haha so give a 5 min warning before you close. ill be N231ZB in a 172

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Alrighty, thanks! I’ll try to stay on maybe to 2145Z, any longer than that would be pushing it. Thanks for the help!

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@VulicityHD Did you crash? Lmao

I sure did haha I’m flying out of a nearby airport and Gonna request transition

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Alrighty. Quick heads up, I’m prolly around 20 minutes from closing.

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when will you be open again? my phone is messing up.

Maybe tomorrow, might be later though.

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Closing in a minute or two, please do not start anything up now!

Now open at KFAT. I am simulating the practical test I am taking tomorrow, so please don’t request anything yet. Waiting on getting at least 5 people. Would love if 1 or 2 could come from a different airport and do transitions and/or calling inbound as well. Thanks so much! Staying open for at least 30-45 minutes.