BoeingA320's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello! I will begin an ATC tracking thread as I improve my ATC skills to get to hopefully get to IFATC one day. When I’m open, feel free to fly in, out, or do some patterns to give me some practice. Thanks for stopping by!
Airport currently open: N/A


Now open at KSZL on TS1, come for patterns.

Now open at KBOI on TS1, come for patterns.

Are you still open? If so I’ll stop by

I closed it, forgot to update.

Now open at KMIA! Departing runways are 08R and 09, landing runways 08L and 09, pattern runway is 12.

Moved to PAJN. Using runway 26

Now open at KDFW on TS1

Closing because no one came and I want to do a flight

Make sure you change the title to closed when you close! It helps clear confusion :)

Good day!

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Open at KATL, come to fly in, fly out, or do patterns.

Did you forget to update your title again?
KATL on TS is not staffed.

Please make sure your title is up-to-date. Pilots are making an effort to fly for you and help you practice.


Oh crap! I’m so sorry!

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Now open at PHNL, I’ll remember to post when I close this time!


Arriving runway: 08L

Departing runway: 08L
Pattern runway: 08L

On my way as PH-ADZ. Get ready for some runway change requests 😉

Gotcha thanks for coming

I was just closing up, but I’ll stay for ya

Someone opened your Approach. That kinda screws it up, doesn’t it.

Perhaps better to open EDDL or KSCK next time. This allows you to practice you runway exit and cross instructions.

Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna have to close down anyways as my mom wants me to play backgammon with her.

Welcome. When opening an airport for practice, try to create a timeslot of 1 to 1.5 hours. This allows people to read your post and come out and fly for you.

The only feedback I had: I was coming from Approach ATC, and had requested an ILS Approach. This means, that I don’t report inbound for landing, but inbound on the ILS. In the case, you don’t need to give me a pattern entry instruction, as Approach has already brought me to the ILS. All you need to do, in this case, is clear me for the option and provide me with an exit direction.

Check out the orange and green part of the table below.
Orange: I was on a ILS Approach.
Green: I need to report inbound on the ILS
Green: Tower clears me.

This is pretty advanced stuff. For,your practice you can assume there’s no Approach controller active.

More info: