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Before I say anything, I’m not going to make excessive topics!

Ok now onto the title’s topic… Since I suppose we can promote our flickr accts (Check out NickArt’s-Very good stuff), I guess I’ll hop on the wagon.

This is my flickr account: (Surprised that the “planespottingphotos” part was never taken by anyone yet…).


I’m a recent joiner of the site (A couple weeks to a month now). I only post stuff from my two active iPhoto “Albums” (If you need proof, PM me and I can send you screenshots). I am “based” out of JFK and LGA. I have a tendency to go to JFK Runway 22L or JFK Runway 31R if you’re curious. I’m still deciding on the best locations at LGA.

Explanation for the glut of regional jets at the top (Sorry):

For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been planespotting at my temporary home up at BTV. I’m up on top of a parking garage that is halfway down the main runway. There are no tall terminals, only the control tower, so I have easy access to both runways. Planes literally taxi, land, and takeoff right in front of you and the airport looks gorgeous at sunset. Not much interesting planes appear at BTV but I have gotten some of my best close-ups there and also some aircraft with interesting stories, histories, or their involvement with pop culture.

Before I get on to the highlights, please follow me and “fave” some stuff (Only fave if you truly do like it-I don’t want false “faves”)

Here are some highlights:

N862RW had a runway overrun and was rebuilt (Very cool photos of the rebuild online):

N564RP is featured as a GeminiJets 1:200 Model (I love it by the way):

N13538 is featured as a GeminiJets 1:200 Model (In Continental Express livery though):

N470ZW went off a runway at PVD:

3 Delta liveries, one photo:

Air Canada Express plane diverted from LGA to JFK:

Inspiring Humanity Livery:

Some things you should know:

  1. I don’t crop or edit photos that I post
  2. I’m posting a lot now, but posting may become spotty eventually
  3. I’ve done some digging and found some post-worthy photos to upload!
  4. I’d love to talk about spotting. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about it (PM)!

Thanks for reading!

Long live the DC-9!


BTV Reminds me with CGK omg 😍😍😍


Some new highlights:



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Hey I just followed you on it, your photos are amazing love the recent ones with the KLM E-jets!


N to the e to the c to the r to the o to the p to the o to the s to the t to the i to the n to the g!