Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser

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Very unique aircraft!

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It would be great if shoots laser!

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Looks like a modified Sofia with alien stuff on the nose…

No no no no.

That nose cone is disgusting.


They’ve done it with battleships… why not planes?

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They actually have something like that on costal states to intercept incoming missle threats the plane is a big chemical battery bank style

There is another one-two to activate the laser and then it destroys

I thought this was a really futuristic design by Boeing, the first thing I see when I enter: the worlds most ugliest 747. Which is why I like it, it’s quirky.

If only we could laser trolls on Live. That would paradise. The Ghosting Laser 😂


Cool one like the USAF grey

Did the Russians build a flying mirror, so the beam gets reflected back?


If it is only solo like the shuttle, ok but if not, noobs will fly and shoot down all the planes