Boeing - "We have an idea.. It's an F15X"

Probably my favourite fighter jet is getting an upgrade. Boeing is coming up with an idea of a new F-15.
Known as the “F15X” it will come with State of the Art r avionics and radars and would carry more than two dozen air-to-air missiles, DefenseOne said, citing unnamed officials with knowledge of the plans.
Boeing did not have any response to those asking more details about the “F15X.”
The move comes as officials in recent months have considered retiring the older F-15C/D fleet.
Last March, officials told lawmakers they were looking at plans to retire the two models as early as the mid-2020s. The service has 212 F-15C and 24 F-15D models, according to the Air Force Association’s 2017 aircraft inventory almanac.

The F-15 currently has 104 confirm kills, with zero lost. Half of those kills come from the Israeli’s.


With folding wingtips and more thrust than two GE-9Xs. F-22 just wet its bed…

All jokes aside, Id like to see a side by side flying display of all Boeings military aircraft once the F-15X is combat ready (Also includes military aircraft made by companies purchased by Boeing). The Boeing military fleet never disappoints me.


One of my favorite fighter jets is getting an upgraded the same day the route I have wanted to have, with the aircraft I have always wanted! What more could I want!


Wouldn’t this just be an attempt at selling a slightly modified F-15SE?

Boeing has tried several versions of the F15, If you ask me the F15 is worth saving that bird has never been downed by any enemy air or air defense. Undefeated air combat world champion 105 and 0 😂. I am all for big blue updating the fleet.

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I’m both amazed and amused.

Amazed because this aircraft would literally be a gun truck for the 5th Gen assets.

Amused because the 5th Gen market is massively on the rise, and nothing Boeing do to the F15 short of an entire Low Observable overhaul would be enough to stop that statistic becoming 150 to 1.

The concept is great, but the concept is also a huge radar cross section against radars that are becoming more and more sophisticated. The poor girl would be shot down before she could see what had fired. Wrong move from Boeing, they should look into more 5th Gen development in my opinion.


Okay, concept is good and all that… But how much would redesigning the F-15 cost? Because more often than not military aircraft can end up costing WAY WAY more than commercial jetliners.

They probably have a budget which DoD will authorize to spend and go from there

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