Boeing Virtual

Hi, is Boeing virtual still active. If so, can a recruiter contact me in a pm as I Am interested in joining

Greetings, @BadPlane.

According to the IFVARB website, it seems that Boeing Virtual is an IFVARB approved VA. It seems their thread is closed, so I recommend PMing the CEO, @TheDeltaFlyerr.

@TheDeltaFlyerr is currently LOA for about another week I think.

What does LOA mean?

It means Leave of Absence.


Thank you all for your help, I will pm him soon

I was wondering the same thing. I live in Everett and have always wanted a Boeing Virtual. However the link to the website does not work and the CEO has not responded. What’s the deal?

He may not have returned :(.

Check the CEO’s IFC activity, and if he isn’t active for a while, and hasn’t responded to you on any media, I suggest contacting a IFVARB member to see if they can help you any further :)

Thank you. It’s so weird. I have tried to apply to 4 different VA’s in the last month and they all seem inactive or without response.

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