Boeing Virtual Official Thread: Now Flying to New Frontiers

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Welcome and thank you for looking into Boeing Virtual. We proud to say that we are IFVARB Approved and we will be commencing operations October 11, 2018. Our VA was built by Boeing Lovers. Our VA is unique from other IF VAs as we do delivery flights, test flights, and cargo flights. Our database is also unique by having our routes be based around real aircraft orders. Down below is more information about our VA.

Our Website has information on how to join, Staff, our VA, and much more.

Boeing-logo-2 Factories and Fields

These are the airports that our flights depart.

Factories and Fields List
  • Paine Field (KPAE)
  • Renton (KRNT)
  • Boeing Field (KBFI)
  • Long Beach (KLGB)
  • Charleston (KCHS)
  • St. Louis (KSTL)

Boeing-logo-2 Fleet

This is our current fleet in Infinite Flight. These aircrafts are manufactured throughout America and our 747 LCF (748) transports 787 parts from around the world to our Plants.

  • 717
  • 737
  • 747
  • 757
  • 767
  • 777
  • 787
  • MD-11
  • DC-10
  • C-17
  • F/A-18
  • 747 LCF (748)

Boeing-logo-2 Staff

This is our current Staff that run and operate Our VA


Once again thank you for looking into Boeing Virtual and we hope to see you in the skies!


Just wanna let you know that your website link is not working.


Welcome to the IFC Boeing virtual!! I know you’ve been long in the works and we’re glad to have you. Best of luck!


Very rarely do I see a VA, and really want to join. I think you all might be able to except an application after swimming practice…


@TwinsRock88 Thanks for the heads up.

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Glad to be staff here. Excited for the future!

Welcome to the IFC World Boeing VA!

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A Very unique and very interesting VA. Done applying. :-)


Is says dc0 instead of dc10;)

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I’m going to apply right now. This is awesome!


Thanks @Capt.SkyWalker and @KaiM for the applications! :)

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Ohh it’s a DLVA staff party
I’m really interested to join


Looks interesting!

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Best of luck to Boeing Virtual!

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Awesome thread! Now all we need is Airbus Virtual haha


This looks unique and cool! Hope you have great times to come!

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I really really would love to join but I am 13. Is there a special test or something I can do to prove myself?

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@Dylan_M that’s the hope. Get some competition going haha.

Discord or Slack?

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@Sasquatch, We use Slack.