Boeing VC-25B (Air Force One)

Boeing VC-25B

Since 1945, the United States Air Force has serviced planes to carry the US President. First they operated a Douglas VC-54C, then to Boeing 707s, followed by the VC-25A, a modified Boeing 747-200. For years there have been talks of replacing the two planes that have been responsible for transporting the US President around the world. Recently, two 747-8s have gone into hangars to be remodeled to take over the presidential fleet. The new planes will feature a new livery, designed by President Trump that will bear colors more complementary to the American flag than the previous design, replacing the original livery designed by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The VC-25Bs are set to go into service in 2024.

I think this plane would look amazing in Infinite Flight, as we have the current Air Force One. This plane is the updated version, and in my opinion, much better looking.

If you like the plane I would appreciate a vote! Thanks!

Photo courtesy of the Official Boeing Website.

This is like adding the United and Emirates A350s. It doesn’t even exist yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having this; I just think it’s too early for it.


There have been several suggestions for planes that don’t exist yet. Also, these planes will go into service in the near future.

Feature requests often last several years. By the time this gets recognized it will be in service.

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cries in no votes

Some people don’t really like the new AF1 livery, but in my opinion I could take both. The current one is a classic, but I feel like the new one is more patriotic. although it does remind me of the BA Landor livery lol Since this was posted before it was actually commissioned, I’m not going to clear a vote yet, but if the time comes the I might. Good request!

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This does seem to be a duplicate, and the other one is still slightly active (only one year since the last post)(edit: now it is closed lol)

However, this has more info and more votes, and will likely stay open. Just remember to search next time for all possible title combos and you should be good!

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Well I looked for it and didn’t see it. The title is actually inaccurate since the new Air Force One will be a VC-25B, Not a 748.

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They do have the livery as it featured on a documentary, not sure if they maybe didn’t want to push it while Trump was in office. Maybe now Biden’s president, they could give it to us as a post-inauguration present.

Photo credit: Infinite Flight News

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I am 99.999999999999% sure that this wasn’t the reason. Infinite Flight, the IFC, and any affiliations do not take politics into account under any circumstance.

Infinite Flight likely designed the livery for Nat Geo and what they do with it next is at their discretion. Showing support and encouraging a public release (in a kind manner) would be my suggestion if you’d like to see this livery, as per any other Features request.

On the USAF 757, they did put the message as “welcome onboard Madam VP” before Kamala Harris had been sworn in.

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We should keep that topic Alive, maybe it should come, cuz Vc25a is too old for outr times

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I agree we need an update livery when it rolls out.
This version is not confirmed. Whoever our current President is involved in its final approval.

Its a great looking livery ! Although there is no gold in the American national colors. We are Red Whte and Blue. Gold is just sometimes used as an ornamental trim or decoration.

Everyone has different tastes. I think its better than the current version. But the Gold makes it look like a TWA livery. IMO only

I hope IF will upgrade when we see the final livery roll out for real !

thanks for bringing this up .

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