Boeing VA

Boeing VA is out. We have everything other VAs don’t offer you. We have special pilot reports form. Being active can go to winning price like a certificate to live+ subscription.
You can register here.
If you’d like to be COO just PM me.

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Do you need live to join?

Yes but If you don’t we can find you something to do in it

##Um … 3 things:

  1. There already are 2 Boeing VAs (1 in the making)
  1. You’re running both Airbus and Boeing?

  2. Boeing is a manufacture, not an airline.


I’m not CEO of Airbus VA I’m in it and I’m the one who made the website

The Boeing VA that’s in the making is not made yet so basically it doesn’t exist.
And the other one doesn’t run all Boeing plane.Not even the 787.

I’m saying there already is 2 other VAs other than yours.

Explain further.


Sorry, but you are starting a Boeing VA after someone else anyway. You have absolutely no right to say that making a VA that already exists is not OK, but it is worse coming from someone who is actually doing the same thing themselves.

And I also count this one to be made before yours, as it is actually not open yet,

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Good luck from JetBlue Virtual :)

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You can win prizes for being active. Our pireps is completed with fuel on bord how many passengers aircraft weight and I’m instoring something for pilots to use real checklists.
And if you don’t have live you could be recruiter, in charge of taking solo shots of Boeing planes. You could test planes and tell us if you think we can do like acrobatic figures with them while doing group flying

Check upper response

Win prizes? What type of prizes?

It can go to a live subscription

Your going to give away money? That’s so nice of you!

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Yes I am but you need to frequently fly with us and be active

Hey! I am devlin, the 1st member of this va. You should join, everything is all well planned out!

How many members do you have?

One, we need more :)