Boeing unveils its brand new 777X airplane


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I would recommend you summarize the article above or below the link provided. This gives people the ‘rundown’ of the article and is helpful to those who are lazy.
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Boeing 777X: Boeing’s new 777X jetliner will have innovative folding wings which give the plane extra lift.”

bzzzztt…this design feature has to do with airport facilities wing clearance requirements.

Edit: I especially like the spec of the engine nacelle size being larger than the fuselage of 737.


I thought the release was only for the employees not everyone else. But otherwise it looks a lot better. I favor this one WAY WAY more than the previous 777

Agreed and disagreed. A larger wingspan would give the plane extra lift(due to its size), compared to if it just had regular wingtips.

Anyway, the aircraft looks superb, wonder if it’ll have the new modern features (cockpit, lighting, etc) installed. :)

Why wouldn’t it

Anything is possible.

Maybe they needed more screens, or they wanted to keep costs low so they kept the old cockpit. Who knows?


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The C-5 is posing the question, right?


No, the 130 is.

Yeah those engines man

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