Boeing unveiled 737 max

Looks beautiful. Hopefully IF can add it to the game (I don’t see that happening anytime soon but it would be fantastic). Southwest Airlines will be the launch customer.


Gorgeous 😍.

Don’t screw up this time Boeing


Lets hope delta gets it too

In the article it says southwest ALMOST exclusively operates 737😂 But anyway I love the max

Those engines

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The winglets and livery are so nice😍

Ah the Tail cone looks much better. However, that nose is so 60s :p

Even better ;)

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I read somewhere that the nose wheel would be taller, it seems like it is, since the plane is leveled.

A fine looking aircraft, I hope they have made a few little tweaks to the interior to refine it.

But just the bigger engines, winglets and tweaked tail cone make it look so much more modern. Kudos Boeing.

They leased 727s for a short period of time

I know that🤓 But it only has 737s now is what I’m saying.

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OMG, that airplane looks l so amazing. Thank God Virgin Australia has some in order.

Home state Washington!!!

“Spirit of Renton”

I love this plane, I’ll be flying on it soon! Once Virgin Australia gets it in their fleet!


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Hopefully when looking from the tail cone forwards I don’t think this aircraft is a 787