Boeing to "Remake/Retrofit" engine covers on 737NG series

April 17, 2018

Southwest 1380 is en-route to Dallas Love Field form LaGuardia Airport, during climb a fan blade explodes and sprays debris onto the plane shattering a window sucking a woman partially out. The pilot lands the plane in Philadelphia, unfortunately one person dies.

FAA updated report of SWA 1380

Boeing has had many issues with the 737 lately. The latest being the NTSB recommending that Boeing should make the engine covers on their 737NG aircraft stronger to make sure debris doesn’t escape the engine as easily in the case of an engine explosion, like the Southwest incident. Boeing says they will immediately start working on the issue, this is along with the 737MAX problems they have.

About the 737

Articles about the 737 engine cover remake/retrofit

Boeing will have to retrofit about 7,000 aircraft with a new engine cover. Boeing shares dropped about 2% after the updated report of the accident was released. Also, seven other recommendations were made in the NTSB report that came out Tuesday.

What’s your opinion on this?

My opinions are not intentionally shared in this topic, any opinions shared are completely incidentally.


wow, they dropped 2% just from that announcement? That’s actually sad.

My opinion on this is that I hope the 737 gets out of all this controversy! It is my favorite plane after all. Also RIP to the woman that died, I do believe she was a mom :(


She was, she was actually on a business trip too.

Also I changed the statement, their shares dropped after the accident report came out, not just because of the announcement.

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This is really sad

While I do think that a redesign would be good for the NG if there is an engine explosion in order to prevent flying debris, I also think that if they did not have the problem with the MAX, this story wouldn’t be too major.

Unfortunately, with the MAX issue, the whole Boeing 737 fleet is undergoing the same type of controversy (not as much as the MAX) but it is there.


Feel bad for Boeing. The 757 is my favorite aircraft ever (as you can tell by pfp and hashtag I made) and the 737 doesn’t fall far behind it. As @BigBert10 said, this situation would definitely not be as big if the the problem never occurred with the MAX, which is true. Many people that are non AVGeeks will not want to fly the 737 (or will have a preference not to fly it) because of this mess.

I wish Boeing would go back to the way they made the 757, that era :)


Boeing’s stocks:



Time to buy some stocks then! :))

It’s a shame Boeing has so many issues right now, since they’ve always made great aircraft. It’s good it’s been noticed, though.

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At this point they should scrap the program. The 737 airframe is to old and has been stretched beyond it’s limit.

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The 737 still has high demand. It doesn’t look like Boeing will end the program any time soon


I agree and I think the NG is fine but that was already an upgraded version of the plane and the MAX upgraded that and I think the max is too far.

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Well, the MAX did become popular and had orders from a lot of airlines, especially Southwest. So it worked out pretty well for Boeing
They had no problems until the 2 fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia and now they are working hard to fix this problem in order to get this new and upgraded airplane back in the air

Soon, like the DC-10, its problems will be a distant memory, but as of right now, I don’t see them ending the 737 program anytime soon


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