Boeing to Donate $48 Million USD to Over 400 Charities

An attempt at redemption?

Boeing plans to donate $48,000,000 USD to 404 charities and non-profit groups in over 50 countries. Boeing’s President and CEO, Dennis Muilenberg, said this in a press release:

“Boeing’s people bring to life our values and our enduring commitment to supporting the communities where we live and work, through their close collaboration, our teams and community partners are working to inspire the next generation of aerospace innovators, support our veterans and create lasting change in the communities we call home.”

$8M, around 16.6% of this donation, is going to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs and workforce development programs. This is based on the projection that over 800,000 pilots and 700,000 maintenance technicians will be needed in the coming years. Boeing wanted to insure that they have recruits for the next generation of the workforce. An example of this is when the aircraft manufacturer spend $800,000 USD to build the Newton Flight Academy in Turkey. Boeing has even donated three flight simulators for a permanent classroom on flight physics. Cheri Carter, Vice President of Boeing Global Engagement, has stated:

“At Boeing, we’re committed helping students succeed. We want students to know that their future belongs to them—it has no boundaries. We believe our success as innovators depends on everyone coming together to inspire the next generation to share in our aerospace advancements. That’s why we’re investing more than 50 percent of our philanthropic dollars to fund high-impact education programs in the U.S. and abroad.”

Boeing is also donating part of that $48M USD to veterans’ recovery and rehabilitation programs. This also involves helping veterans get back into the workforce.

Boeing, after the bad publicity following the 737 MAX and the issues with the 777X, has turned the tables and done a good deed. What do you think? Is this enough to change the minds of those that dislike Boeing for their recent incidents?



That lots of money going to a good cause! How do Boeing have all that money after this bad year for them?

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That is super amazing and generous!
It doesn’t make up for the lives of 300+ people. This should be viewed as a good deed but not an end all be all in my opinion


If only they took that money and invested it into making the 737 MAX a safer airplane.


Heard something about a lump donation to Boeing but I’m not completely sure about that one.

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Government contracts, private contracts sales of aircraft ect

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Lives lost cannot be returned. They cannot be made up for in any way. Boeing has done its part in helping victim families and doing good deeds.


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