Boeing Test Flight Schedule

Hey everyone!

I have found a really nice spreadsheet containing the past, current, and upcoming Boeing test flights. The test flights primarily occur at the Boeing aircraft facilities (Renton, Paine, Boeing, and Charleston Fields). That’s not all, though. It also shows the production and estimated delivery dates for the 737 and 777 aircraft. It even includes the different engine types on each plane, the current building/production status, and the facility it’s located in. It’s quite amazing, if you ask me.

The spreadsheet also has a FlightAware link so you’re able to view the test flight’s route and flight details. You can even try to recreate one of these test flights in Infinite Flight since the Boeing facilities, except Charleston, are all in the Seattle region!

I recommend everyone to check it out whenever you can!

Here’s the spreadsheet:

Hope you enjoy! :)


Wow, this is really interesting! Never knew you could access this.

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Yeah, it’s pretty cool! There’s also one for Airbus that I found. :)

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Cool, do you have the link?

Here you go:

It also contains lists for other aircraft manufacturers. :)

Thanks, the website was built very well.

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