Boeing | Test-flight(s) | Boeing 777-300ER

Hey IFC!
After joining the beta, I took the 77W out for a test flight at Everett, Boeing’s main aircraft manufacturing airport. And I only got one word:

Server: Expert

Callsign: N24320

Route: Everett Paine KPAE - Everett Paine KPAE

Here we go!
Here she is. A pure, fresh, beautiful 777

Oh man

Not the only one here



Right downwind

Thick wing

Final 16R

Safe landing in Everett!

Takeoff and landing movie

Separate flight CX-77W pattern at VHHH y’all really should watch these.

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Amazing ! This livery is just beautiful. Sad that it’s no more in use :(

Amazing shots btw !!

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Great pictures! Stunning

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Y’all really should watch the second clip, it’s awesome