Boeing TCA Thrustmaster

Hi IFC, I just took delivery of a new Thrustmaster yoke and throttle. Should I make and IFC post/ tutorial in depth on how to connect it, and all the capabilities of it? Vote down below!

  • Heck yes, it’d be awesome!
  • No, I don’t care.
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please leave any recommendations for if I end up making a new post about this topic


Bruh, where I’m from that thing cost $652 and you are using that to play on a mobile


Well, I’m just wondering, if you have it for MSFS or X-Plane, you might want to use it for IF.


how much is it?

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It was about $410 after tax.


Well what are you waiting for show how to do it!

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maybe, just maybe i can get it

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I’ve not even tried it out yet 😂
It might take a while to make a lengthy post.

Where do you live? Is that in USD?


LOL. I have a PC, but should I buy MSFS or X-Plane?

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You should get a license 😎

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Well, I was going to get the Airbus TCA joystick, but my dad said, “You need to get a yoke so you can practice for when we take the Piper Comanche out for a flight.”

Tbh, the difference between flying with a stick and yoke isn’t that different. The stick feels better but the yoke gives the impression that you’re drive a car with an manual transmission

Yeah, when Virgin America invited my family to San Francisco to fly their A320 simulators, I got to use the joystick. It was a nice feeling, and it’s very fun to fly.


My bad, I meant joystick lol.

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me who uses mine for XP11 and 12…

Definitely MSFS, X-plane 12 is just a scam