Boeing Talks Hypersonic

In a few livestreams (a past one on Facebook, link below, and a current one on Instagram), several Boeing engineers are discussing a project for a Mach 5 aircraft. It’d be a reconnaissance aircraft to begin with, with a small-scale prototype hopefully in 5-6 years. What are your thoughts on this?

In my opinion, although this aircraft wouldn’t be commercially available for 10+ years, this is pretty dang awesome!


Mach 5 is unbelievable, at this rate we might be able to go at the speed of light soon.


Oh please not this agian, I’m a Boeing guy but I hate it when company’s start to talk about supersonic.


Same here but this is more than supersonic it is hypersonic which means it is harder.

You actually work for Boeing? Wow that must be a great job!

A lot of aircraft manufacturers have been making supersonic fighters for sometime and the logical progression is to faster and higher! Whether or not a commercially successful passenger/ freight aircraft is viable just yet is yet to be seen.

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What… Where did he say that?

Anyway, I think they should make hypersonic aircrafts but because of it, the airplanes’ shape would be different so it’s possible to fly hypersonic and weird at the same time.

I think by boeing guy he means he likes boeing.

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It wouldn’t be available commercially full stop. The military don’t have hypersonic fighter jets so they wouldn’t give civilians a hope near one as we wouldn’t be able to protect our nation’s against airborne threats.

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Yes, just 174806 times faster and we’re lightspeed!

Eh I don’t think Hypersonic will ever be come commercially viable. It’s as stupid as the BFR Earth to Earth. The plane will heat up too much and it will cost too much as well. We’re not gonna get commercial planes travelling faster than Mach 2.2


Great idea the future of aviation imo.

Heat resistance of materials will get better.

‘Will’ I don’t like that word sorry. Even if we do, we can talk about getting scramjet engines to work on a passenger jet

I Don’t think that will be the toughest challenge. Heat resistance will be biggest I think.

That is why I’m not caring about the engines at the moment. I wanna see a commercially viable plane fly at Mach 5+, for an hour or two

and @Xpheros, yes guessed he might not actually work for Boeing, however he didn’t make it clear that he was just a fanboy. sarcasm dosnt always work on written word! Being a fan dosnt really add or take away from the engineering discussion. Actually working for an aircraft manufacturer would bring a new perspective.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind this is possible. I also, however, have absolutely no doubt in my mind that everyone on this forum will be long gone before this is accomplished and successful.

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Yeah, I agree with most of these responses. Something like this will probably happen, but not for many years.

Itll happen as concorde… its just gonna be too expensive to run it because

Sound: Its to noisy
Fuel: Even though this might be a military plane, it would still cost too much to save fuel, also that it would be as fuel efficient as the Tupolev 154 if we think this would br in the market in like 15 yrs with new planes

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Boeing could do with talking to Boom, who are building the new 50 seater mach 2.2 aircraft. Virgin and Japan Airlines have firm orders for it, so it’s serious. If Airbus has gotten the C-Series, why not acquire or invest in the next generation SST?

Hypersonic aircraft need to be tremendously slim and sleek, the wings will not be optimised for low speed, so take off and landing speeds will be stupidly high. The technical challenges are unreal.
I actually think the SpaceX BFR configuration would be a better choice for super fast travel, yet that would be quite clumsy and inefficient.


Because itll be too noisy/non fuel efficient to run