Boeing T7A

Hey guys !
So I have another request !
What about the Boeing T7A ?


In my opinion, it‘s a beautiful jet!
Would love to see this in IF (and also the Eurofighter, A400M etc.🤓)
But let‘s just wait and see ,
Have a nice day!
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@German_Pilot. MaxSez: Always Translate… English is the language of Aviation;

“The Boeing/Saab T-7A Red Hawk (formerly Boeing T-X) is a einstrahliges trainer, organised jointly by the Swedish Saab and American Boeing is developed. Since 2010, the two producers were in negotiations on a common development and signed a contract in December 2013. With the trainer took the two producers under the leadership of Boeing together at the T-X-program of the United States Air Force, where a successor for the Northrop T-38”. Source English Wiki

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Just a little bump ! ✈️
But I have to say that we REALLY need this plane !

Now your asking why we need it:
The answer is very easy !

  1. It‘s a bit easier to develop this plane (instead of a rework of the A330,340/ great planes though)
  2. It‘s a new type of aircraft because we now have „fighter“ jets and this is a trainer or a plane for airshows !
    We don‘t have any plane for airshows and would additionally make the training in military VOs much more realistic!

Hope you understand what I mean 🙂
As it wouldn‘t take that long I would love to see this bird in the skies !

Please vote ! 😆


Thanks ! ✈️

Its like the F-22, F-35, F-15, and F/A-18 had a baby. And I love it.




Cool little plane here, sadly I’m out of votes. But it would be great to see this plane in-game