Boeing Supplier Issues

Boeing is starting to get seriously un-reliable/ losing quality.

Let’s start off with SIA’s 787-10 and LOT’s 787-8, and many more carriers 787s

Yes, we know its Rolls-Royce’s issue that the Engines are malfunctioning and stuff, but can’t Boeing aid Rolls-Royce and at least help them?. Airlines are being forced to lease aircraft because of these groundings (Norwegian leased a HiFly A380 last year)(LOT leased an Air Belgium A340-300) This is risky for airlines like Norwegian who are on the verge of bankruptcy.
Qatar Airways stopped accepting planes from the factory after manufacturing mishaps including damaged planes and delayed deliveries.

Boeing 737MAX

I know that there is already a topic about this but let’s do a quick re-cap.

The 737 body is almost 54 years old now, it is designed for little JT8D engines, not massive
CFM LEAP 1-B engines. Everything was going on track for Boeing until they had to rush the MAX due to Airbus releasing the A320neo. Now you see what has happened. I mean like 2 crashes in 4 months?! I agree the MAX is a very nice and comfortable aircraft since I’ve been on one and have experienced it. Its truly a wonderful aircraft but my aircraft did takeoff quite weirdly with it veering left to right whilst making a grinding noise, this happened for about 1-2 seconds. Anyways, back on subject now they have to ground all the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and redo MCAS because they rushed the plane.

Boeing KC-46 Tanker

The KC-46 Tanker is a Redesigned version of the Boeing 767 and the USAF has ordered some of these, one got handed back because there was a ‘foreign object’ inside the Aircraft. I mean seriously? couldn’t they have just checked the aircraft before delivery? This is honestly getting really annoying/ stupid now. More info here:


I agree totally with this, It’s mainly Boeing in the play here with 2 crashes in 4 months, Airlines pick engines tho, Jetstar has problems with its GE on 787, Singapore Airlines has problems with its engines on the 78X and Southwest had an engine fire in the air, It was all Airbus probably going bankrupt, but now it’s Boeing


Everyone pray for the 777X


This is exactly what I mean.

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I was literally thinking of the reliability of the 777X


Let’s hope that 777x doesn’t go into problems when it releases


Let’s hope that never happens though.

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I think we need to look at it in a different perspective and look at the countries that are supplying the failing parts. Do realize, not all of the parts on the aircraft are solely made in the US. Boeing outsources companies to manufacture parts, has them brought over to the US for assembly.

Again, I don’t believe 100% of the fault lies in Boeings hands as much as it does the suppliers.


I think the big issue with Boeing here is that they’re rushing everything without taking precautions, with the first Lion Air crash few months ago they should’ve learnt the cause and fixed it, and of course they tried to rush the Tanker delivery and forgot to check for FOD, USAF is taking precautions because safety is on the line, I’m glad the delivery got rejected.


exactly what i was thinking Deer

Yea not all of it is Boeing’s problems

Yes, Obviously not everything is made in the US/by Boeing but the Quality of their Aircraft has severely gone down.

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The title is better, thank you.

Rolls is from the UK
GE I think is from the UK as well as I saw offices in London
Trent Is also in the UK i think

Is GE British?

GE is from the US. Rolls Royce is from the UK.

Meh. Not really. According to your argument you’re saying that the 737-200 is of better quality than the current 737-800NG or Max 8. I think we all can agree that that’s not the case. 😂

Instead, I think we can agree that there is something lacking in the quality assurance of the parts, software and assembly of the aircraft.


Yea I was thinking that

again, that is kinda what I meant. Boeing doesn’t really ‘check’ the parts. they just install them on

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That’s seriously not funny, that would lead to loss of life and that’s not funny at all.

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