Boeing Special Spotting! (777X, 727, etc.)

Hello, IFC,

I recently went spotting at Boeing’s factories. Here are my best photos:
An Air Europa 737 MAX-8 doing it’s first test flight!
Eastar Jet 737 MAX 9 doing a test flight.
A very old Kalitta Air 727!

A Boeing 777-9 waiting at KPAE.

A KC-46 Pegasus Tanker parked at KPAE.

A Dreamlifter engine 3!

For those who have never seen the Dreamlifter in real life, I hope this helps show how MASSIVE it is! :)

A Dreamlifter at KPAE!

Some 737MAXs at their holds at KPAE.

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Thank You!


How can I improve?
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I don’t think one of the pictures loaded correctly.

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Thank You, I removed the mistake :)

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When was this? I didn’t know 737 MAXs were allowed to fly test flights

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The second photo is an Eastar Jet 737 Max. The airline is based in Seoul

@mogbog they can do test flights but not passenger flights because they are grounded


This was in the past 48 hours. The MAX can not fly commercially but test flights are fine :)


Ohh … that 727 is soo vintage looking 😎😎 Love it!

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Not to be nitpicking, but that is a Boeing 737-8 MAX.

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Since when did BAW have 737s on order?

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I think it’s for Comair. I think they have had those on order for a while.

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