Boeing secures a huge deal for new aircraft.

Recently announced, Taiwan’s China Airlines have made a deal with Boeing for 16 787-9 aircraft.

This order makes China Airlines the second Taiwanese airline to order and operate the Boeing 787. One of the reasons why the Boeing 787 was chosen was because of the spacious cargo hold, this will allow China Airlines to further its value with the aircraft.

The deliveries of these aircraft are expected to begin in 2025. On top of this order, China Airlines also has the option to convert some of the order to Boeing 787-10s.These 787’s will replace China Airlines aging A330-300 fleet.


NUUUUUUR! The butter machines, on their death beds T_T


While I do quite like the 787 despite all of its “setbacks”, I do wonder what good deal China Airlines got/why they decided to introduce a new aircraft instead of sticking with the A330. Sure they might have great cargo space, but I wonder if that’s the only reason. (Why not just order more 777 freighters, I think they have some on order already). Nonetheless, it’ll be quite nice to see those beautiful China Airlines petals on some 787 tails.


Unfortunate to see their majestic A330s getting replaced

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