Boeing releases image of new concept plane


Thank goodness it has that lower wing or it would look weird


Yeah I saw that this morning.


Believe it or not this concept has actually been around for some time. This is a video of it back in 2012 under the name “SUGAR Volt”, as @Snow_Cone mentioned.


Err no. The struts will create drag and it quite frankly looks like a joke. I’m not sure how well it’s going to go (only if Boeing starts it)


Oh god. Please Boeing, no. You may have just ruined my image of aircraft.


Well that’s different.




I hope they call it The
BoeingAtrQ-300ER Dreamliner


I believe it allows the wings to fold in.


They are to minimize flutter since the wings are just so big for the fuselage size


Oh hell naw. That looks very…


I found the folding Boeing wingtips enough…


This is a new take on a very old design first put forward by Ludwig Prandtl in 1924.

It was mathematically proven in the 1990’s by Professor Aldo Frediani who has since produced flying prototype models at the University of Pisa.

His models however attach the wings at the wingtips giving almost a complete swept loop massively improving the aerodynamic properties of the wing by almost eliminating vortex drag.

Whether the weight penalty offsets the aerodynamic advantages when scaled to commercial sizes remains to be seen but, as in the car industry, you need to innovate to survive!

Video of Frediani model test


Seems like a very interesting and unique concept.

DJ’s Aviation made a video about this today, that explains it as well:


It looks good but i have always been more of a bombardier or airbus guy XD