Boeing releases image of new concept plane

Well, Boeing has released images of their new concept plane on their instagram. I will say that it is, well… interesting…

What do y’all think? Yes this is the Actual Boeing account


Cool new plane. Maybe it will be the 797? But I’m wondering what the struts are for, won’t those create a lot of drag?

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Sorta looks like a re-imagined Dash-8


I hope this is a joke or won’t go far. I really don’t like the look of this aircraft wouldn’t really need to go into service.


I reckon, if this ever comes to fruition, if will be a replacement for the 737 program.

Personally, I can see this never happening, it’s a bit like the Airbus concept:

This looks a little similar to the SUGAR volt idea they came up with a couple years ago.

Looks like a mix between the Dash-8, ATR and the 737 shape! But it would be an amazing what appears to be short haul plane that could phase out their older model short hauls like the 717’s and others. I’d love to see these replacing the 717’s for Hawaiian Airlines! Just have to see if this concept becomes a reality

That thing is U G L Y. Still a cool concept though, like a revamped ATR!


I can’t see Boeing make that…Is that soposed to be the 797?cause Boeing said that the next plane will be supersonic!?

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Pretty ugly looking if you ask me. It looks like a ATR kind of.


When you add some jet engines and a really long wing to an ATR that’s the result.

It is a horrendous site to look at. Just my opinion though. I just know I don’t see myself wanting to get trained in this aircraft anytime soon

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Really nice concept. Be interested to see some more of the stats and figures for it! :)

we need to send this discusion to Boeing and show them all of our thoughts but this the only Boeing plane because I am a Boeing fan but still we need to send this discusion to BoeingLOL

this is what I thought was their concept
Image result for boeing hypersonic


They have many many many concepts for many planes, or modifications to their current aircraft. They have a concept to make the 747 like a flying aircraft carrier and refueling aircraft. Of course, this concept is from the 70’s

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For those of you that think this is a joke: it isn’t. Boeing has long been developing a concept of a plane they call the SUGAR Volt (SUGAR is an acronym). It looks similar to this and I believe it is what this is. It is a hybrid plane designed for use mostly on electricity. Whether you like the look of it or not, this plane could potentially change the course of aviation in a little over 10 or 20 years. It is not the 797. The 797 will look like a “normal” plane and be a viable, twin-aisle 757 alternative.


I don’t see that going well. That’s my opinion

i really don’t think anyone will buy this, maybe some low-cost

Looks nasty! 🤢
I think Boeing thought today was April 1st.

Atleast I hope they did…

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