Boeing postpones 797 project!

I thought this was interesting as they ‘Boeing’ wants to fully understand the requirements from each potential customer. I’m thinking, personal opinion here, they regret not doing the 797 earlier & want to make sure they do this right the first time.

What are your opinions on this decision?

Another little side note: (again my opinion here from a previous post) it’s so ironic the specifications are kind of similar 😏



They’re gonna lose to airbus…


Bad descion I reckon airbus will pounce on this. Need to get sales before airbus releases a new A321LR like aircraft and/or an improved version of its current 321.


Hope not even though trump is making tariffs and I’m pretty sure it’s getting to Boeing in a negative way


Airbus don’t even have a plan for a MOTM plane. And after the A310 disaster I’m not surprised. Though with Airbus track record, once they realise the A310 has competition they may copy the 797.

Airbus will take just as long as Boeing to get customer choices and just as long to develop.

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They have not postponed it. They have postponed the decision/unveiling of the aircraft. It is still projected to enter service in 2025.

Airbus will most likely now get that middle of the market plane. They might use a 321 and upscale it for that. I don’t know but Boeing could lose out on this.

Looks like the 757 is sticking around for just a little bit longer!


I feel like it’s a bit late for Boeing tho

They just dont want to have the development problems that they had with the 787. As popular as the 787 is they arent going to get back in the black from it for another few years. Compare that to how Airbus is about to recuperate the development cost of their A350 program thanks to the minor problems they went through in comparison to Boeing.


The 797 was and still is planned to enter service in 2025 whether or not it is unveiled this year. The only that has changed is the official reveal.

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Revamp A330 for a better sale, or develop A220 into a series!

I highly doubt that Airbus even has a plane in the works to begin with. No (major) news has come in the way for a MOTM plane on Airbus’ side. It’s honestly the least of their worries. They’re still trying to plug aircraft like the a320/30neo. Just like @AndrewRG10 said,

Airbus will take just as long as Boeing to get customer choices and just as long to develop.

With that being said, Boeing knows they don’t really have competition to worry about (currently).

The A321 pretty much covers that area especially now the A321LR is available to airlines. Boeing havw lost out ever since they stopped producing B757 aircraft as airlines have replaced them with A321’s. FYI Airbus are selling their latest aircraft as one would expect which included their A320 family aircraft.

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I think Boeing is just trying to build some hype to get some more orders

Inaccurate actually. The A321LR doesnt have the range at the carrying capacity that the B757 does. The A321LR sacrifices the pax and cargo it can carry for that extra range to make it that isnt attractive for airlines as the cargo they carry on thos long international flights is where they truly make their money on those long and skinny routes. Airbus is trying to downplay that market because they know they are taking a gamble with not developing a MOTM aircraft and the reason is because they really arent in the situation to open up a new program with the A330neo not selling as hotly as they would like an some engine problems still affecting the A320neo.


@Delta350 I don’t know if that’s the most effective way to go about getting orders…

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I’m referring to real world operations. Most airlines are buying the A321 to fill the gap of the B757, yes a sacrifice has to be made but making a whole new plane makes little financial sense as most airlines are buying larger aircraft which can be used for a range of routes and sectors such as the B787 and A330. These are frequently used for short haul routes as well as long haul. Each airline uses their aircraft differently also so they don’t need their A321’s to have long range as they will use them for short haul flights etc. The B757 is mainly used for short haul flights except the few American carriers but still it’s not that log of a flight, it’s still medium haul.

Seriosuly we are not here to debate who is better. Best to leave that to DM with people who want to debate that

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What you are referring is to non Trans Atlantic operations. The 797 Boeing plans on building would be aimed at opening more long and skinny routes over the Atlantic and other long international routes (South America and North America is highly desirable for MOTM). The A321LR doesnt do that if it did you’d see the Legacy carriers ordering them in droves. That is why NA, SA and Europe is the primary market for the 797. The A321LR doesnt have that capability. What Airbus is banking on is those airlines going to the A330neo but they are missing that most carriers arent looking for that much range. What the airlines are looking for id a medium range like the B757 but an MTOW comprable to that of the B767. Which is something else Boeing is considering. Reopening the B767 line with an engine revamp or the 797. That and making sure they have the orders and organization in order before launching the project is why they haven’t launched yet. Boeing is going to dominate this medium haul market if Airbus doesnt even start to look into a MOTM aircraft

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