Boeing Plans for 757 / Mid-Range Replacement Part 2

Yes, this thread is back. More than ever after Boeing ‘teased’ the idea at the Paris Airshow.
So, here are some questions to think about and some personal answers. I’d love to hear your opinions and questions!

What do you expect with Boeing’s NMA? (Other than the basics)
Who do you think this will appeal to? Why? (Airlines)
Configuration? What kind of product will airlines put in the aircraft?

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Wide cabins, though keeping it slightly smaller than the 787/767 cabin.
Big windows like 787.
Window dimmers or Shades?

Obviously airlines with strong use of the 757 (American, Delta, Icelandair, you name it)
Big country –> Bigger (not BIG) planes to alleviate congested routes within good pricing range for the airline (Westjet…)

Wide cabins –> Economy 2-3-2 config.
No first class, but a possible mix of PY and J.



That last article about the “797” wouldn’t be right. I think it would be “757MAX” or whatnot


I would love to see the penciljet return! #757maxforever
I hope Qantas gets this! They have no plane filling that size gap currently…


It would be AWESOME if they could bring something like the 757 back! :)


It would not be a 757 or 797, not big enough for the 97 name and the 57 is a discontinued model. It could be the realization of the 787-3.


I thought the 737 max 10 was the same size and could fly as far or farther then 757.

They’re making a 757 with 787 wings. This new aircraft should be interesting.


I can’t wait for a new 757! One of my favourite planes.


Yes, this is what the early designs show, but this can change.

But how can they call this the 757 ‘MAX’? It seems wrong.

From This

##To This
Uh…new family.

Remember, this will have totally new engines, wings, technology, and fuselage. COMPLETELY NEW!


OMG😲! Allegiant Air needs this!
I know that they are replacing their B757’s with A320’s and A319’s, but they should just replace them with These (B757MAX)


I think this will appeal to all airlines who love their 757’s. I expect it to have single-isle and dual-isle configuration options, as well as similar performance to the 757 at lower operating costs. The flight deck will be designed to be extremely similar to the 787.

Well the 757 project was killed, so it would be a bit awkward to revive a dead aircraft.


I would love to see my pencil plane remade. The 757MAX is a nice name.


I’m sorry but I think this is absolutely pointless for Boeing. I understand the drive to continue to make varying aircraft for what airliners/passengers need, and simply to be innovative. That said, I feel like the 731MAX and 787 could, or currently, do the exact same job if not better. Not to mention the new 77X’s that’ll be in production in the near future. Just seems redundant to me.

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The bottom pic looks like what could of been a 787-7.

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Eh…looks a bit too small.

@Eaglette80 agreed.

The 737-10 is not a 757 replacement, it just isn’t. Will never be.

I was thinking about this a few months back, and I drew up a table of my concept for it.

Boeing 757-8
95,000lbs of combined thrust with RB211-535E4 engines.
4,500 NM range
175 passenger capacity
130,000kg max takeoff weight
Efficient Boeing 757-200 replacement

Boeing 757-9
95,000lbs of combined thrust with RB211-535E4 engines.
5,000 NM range
190 passenger capacity
145,000kg max takeoff weight
Efficient Boeing 757-300 replacement

Boeing 757-9F
100,000lbs of combined thrust with Trent892 engines.
5,000 NM range
10 pallet capacity
155,000kg max takeoff weight
Efficient Boeing 757-200F replacement

Boeing 757-10
100,000lbs of combined thrust with Trent892 engines.
5,500 NM range
210 passenger capacity
165,000kg max takeoff weight
Efficient Boeing 737-300/400/500 replacement

Im sorry to say this but a slight increase on range from way older aircraft is suicide to Boeing unless they’re in BBJ format. No airline would buy it, not even regional airlines. If it was at least 6,500 NM range, then it would be good. But those plans should be for NG727’s or 717’s.

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I think it is the same size though with about the same range of I’m not wrong.

Slightly smaller. Remember the 757 is twin aisle. I think they’ll launch a new family.