Boeing partners with Australian Airforce

Beoing Partners With Australian Royal Airforce (in Brisbane) to create a Combat Drone


Today the Australian Royal Airforce and Boeing announced they completed the first design on their project to create an unmanned combat drone. Australia’s federal government say they will invest $40 Million Australian dollars to the new project. They say that the new drone is going to be “capable of operating in concert with Air Force’s fifth generation air combat capabilit”. This is Boeing’s first unmanned aircraft designed and engineered in Australia and is their largest investment out of the United States. Today (Wednesday 27th of February) they revealed the model of the combat drone to the public at the Australian International airshow.

Below is the link to much more information about the subject.

This is, I’m my opinion really exciting news from Boeing and the Australian Airforce, I cannot wait to watch the development of this combat drone over the next few years.

What do you think about the announcement of the new project? Feel free to discuss it in the comments below 😃 👍

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Very cool stuff! Can’t wait to see AI take its course in aviation and how it impacts the industry.

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Wait does that mean that this is going to be at Avalon?! If so then I should be able to get some offical photos of it for you!

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Thanks mate, it is a while away though, and the project is based in Brisbane, so I might be able to send some to you 😅

I hope they don’t do these to commercial airliners, cause then I’ll be unemployed for my whole life 😐

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