Boeing Opens first European Factory!

Boeing opened its first European factory in England today. Though it will not be making aircraft there, it will be making component parts for both the 737 and 767. Where do you think this will go? Is Boeing looking to eventually compete with Airbus on their home turf building aircraft? This shall be exciting to watch!


This will be interesting, to bad they aren’t making aircraft like Airbus’s factory in the USA


This factory in Europe is arguably just as important as Airbus final assembly in Mobile. Aircraft parts come from all over the world and create jobs. Final assembly is important, but is benefited greatly from diversifying aircraft parts.


Yes. Many people don’t realise but the UK plays a huge part in lots of aviation related projects. Most of the technologies on Aircraft such as the A350 come from factories like Filton in Bristol where planes aren’t made, these are vital for the whole production as a whole and no wonder Boeing have decided to make a factory as it’s clear that the U.K. is a good place for R&D in general when it comes to aviation with RE, GKN, BAE, Airbus etc, etc.
A large chunk of the F35 development was also done in the UK, which also isn’t known by some.


It’s in my home city of Sheffield as well seems very strange driving past a Boeing factory on my way to work every day

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That’s great! What are the 767 parts for though?

It’s very interesting that Boeing have perfectly timed this opening to coincide with the decision of whether to purchase the E7 Wedgetail aircraft for Airborne Early Warning & Control. The Airbus/Saab proposition of an Airbus airframe mounted with an Eerie Eye radar which would compete with E7 is only tempting based on them being European companies with factories in the UK. This plant being opened, which would actually produce parts for the E7 (considering it’s based on the B737) is a very intelligent move when it comes to the competition. It shows an intention that we haven’t had before and one I hope Boeing will continue to grow!

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