Boeing officially delays the B777-8 production

Hi everyone!

I have recently heard from DJ’s aviation that Boeing has officially delayed the B777-8’s production. Boeing says that they would rather work on the B777X as it’s currently the competitor to the A350-1000 and “Project Sunrise.”

What are your thoughts on this?


Please make sure to keep this in an already created topic, instead of making a new one.


That thread you linked is for the B777X.

My thread of for the B777-8 variant. There’s a difference.

The 777-8 is part of the 777X family.

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Yes it is, but this is a different variant of the aircraft. The thread in which you linked has no info regarding the B777-8 variant of the aircraft.

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Lets see what the mods decide.

@InfiniteNick I have posted this on the thread you linked.