Boeing NMA/767X Tracking Thread

Welcome to the Boeing NMA/767X Tracking Thread. Here, you can expect and post news and other information regarding the Boeing NMA (New Midsize Aircraft), which could potentially be a reboot of the popular 767, titled the 767X.

With the Dubai Airshow coming up, might we expect announcements from Boeing regarding the NMA, like when Airbus announced the A321XLR?

Be sure to include sources for your information.


Oh, I was thinking of something else…

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I’m surprised there considering this with the 787 still very new…

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Wow this is big news, I can’t wait for the 767X, but I think they should have also done a reboot of the 757.


I understand your thoughts. However, the 757 is predominantly used in the United States, while the use of the 767 is relatively consistent worldwide. The 767 is also a wide body, featuring a 2-3-2 configuration on most of their aircraft. The 757 only has a 3-3 configuration, making it almost like the A321. If they were to do a 757X, it would be very similar to the A321LR.

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Maybe because the 787 had a few problems, such as the engines, etc. This makes me think Boeing is attempting a “retry” at a midsize long range aircraft. I have multiple theories.

No, definitely not, sure it has had its problems, but most aircraft have some issues, Boeing is fully committed to the 797 it seems, so I’m surprised any manufacturer would consider making a similar aircraft this soon

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Too early. It’s still being drawn on the napkin. Let’s wait until they start drawing the sketches on paper or in CAD before we start a “tracking thread”. Thanks.