Boeing Loses More 737 MAX Orders

I feel like everything lately has been negative, so here’s some more negative news.

In February 2020, Boeing reported a net loss of 28 aircraft orders.

Boeing secured 18 orders last month but had 46 aircraft cancellations.

1. Air Canada cancels all 737 MAX 9 orders.

(This is the MAX 8)

Air Canada has cancelled orders for 11 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which seems to be its order for the MAX 9 as Air Canada previously ordered 11 of the MAX 9 variant.

Air Canada currently has 24 (grounded) 737 MAX 8s in its fleet and expects to take delivery of the remaining 26.

2. Japan Investment Adviser cancels its 737 MAX order completely.


Never heard of them, but apparently they’re a Japanese leasing company that placed an order for 10 737 MAX 8s back in 2017 at the Paris Air Show.

Through its operating lease arm, JP Lease Products & Services, the company manages around 60 aircraft including 737s and 777s.

Last month, they cancelled the MAX order entirely.

3. Air Lease Corporation converts some 737 MAX orders into 787s.

Air Lease Corporation, a major aircraft leasing company, has decided to convert 9 of its 737 MAXs on order for three 787 Dreamliners.

It’s unspecified which 787 variant they converted the MAXs into, but it’s highly likely it’ll be the 787-9 or possibly the 787-10.

4. Oman Air converts some 737 MAX 8s into 787s


Oman Air has decided to convert 10 737 MAX 8s into four 787s. Once again, the variant is unspecified but Oman Air currently operates both the 787-8 and 787-9.

The airline currently has 5 (grounded) 737 MAX 8s in its fleet and will now have 15 on order after these cancellations.


ALC 737 MAX and Japan Investors 737 MAX by Boeing.
AC 737 MAX:
Oman 737 MAX:

A rather unfortunate month for Boeing. We’re approaching the 1 year anniversary of global 737 MAX groundings in two days, on Friday 13. With the coronavirus impacting aviation, I wouldn’t expect many aircraft orders soon.


Once again a fantastic post by the #real-world-aviation king


Man, everything has really been going downhill for Boeing lately. Sad days. 😥


At least they got some 787 orders.

I’m still crossing my fingers that Alaska Airlines keeps their orders.


Can we just get a big F

in the chat for aviation this year?


Well, I guess Air Canada isn’t interested anymore.


A good thing that the 787 instead of the max


That’s a shame to see, once the MAXs are approved to fly again I think we will see people reverse this

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Aviation this year has been rough! Now Boeing is in an even worse position

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The bad thing is, it’s been more than a year now since the last 737 Max terrible incident and the aircraft is still grounded. It’s really disappointing that they are continuing this effort to repair a flawed machine and software package.


Mind if I debate you? Lol don’t wanna offend anyone on here did already


Minor debate/discussion is fine ;)

I just think that the aircraft should have never been sold the way it was and I believe that the initial training was flawed and incomplete. I would expect a much better product from Boeing and a more reliable product especially for what they charge their customers. No matter what, it is truly unfortunate that so many lives were lost.


This was unfortunately expected but good job on the 787 program!

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At this point, I feel like the max program is done for. It’s been a whole year since it’s grounding with little hope of the aircraft returning to service. So many airlines have canceled orders and the plane has such a bad reputation that there’s almost no reason to let the plane fly again.


They might be better off scrapping them and making baby 787s. I think that the Max series is done for at this point too.


Baby 787 got cancelled. It was the 787-3


I honestly don’t mind cus I prefer Airbus A320 family to Boeing B737 family. Just saying… its my opinion and I hope none of you guys will take it seriously

wow…they are loosing orders like i’m loosing followers on tiktok

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Here are the other 6 cancellations not listed above:

  • 1 BBJ 737 MAX
  • 1 LATAM 777-300
  • 4 Oman Air 787-8s.

This is such a sad truth. When people in January were like “2020 has been so bad,” I guess the didn’t realize how much worse it was going to get.