Boeing Loses Huge Order For 75 737 MAXs | Airbus Loses 4 A330neos

Dublin-based Avolon Aerospace, a major aircraft leasing company, has announced a massive cancellation for 75 Boeing 737 MAXs and 4 A330neos.

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Due to this challenging period of low air travel demand, Avolon Aerospace has decided to cancel and defer more than 100 aircraft.

Avolon’s order for 75 Boeing 737 MAXs was finalized in November 2017 and set to be delivered from 2020 to 2023. This order consisted of 55 MAX 8s and 20 MAX 10s, which are now cancelled.

(Avolon Aerospace has leased a 737 MAX to WestJet)

After this $11 billion 737 MAX cancellation, Avolon now has 55 737 MAXs on order which appears to consist of MAX 8s and MAX 9s.

Additionally, Avolon will defer 16 of its 737 MAXs set to be delivered between 2020 and 2023 to 2024 or later.

This 737 MAX cancellation appears to be the biggest cancellation by a single existing company.

(Jet Airways technically holds the record for the largest 737 MAX order cancellation because of their collapse. Avolon still exists)

Unfortunately, due to both the 737 MAX crisis and COVID-19, Boeing’s re-engined narrowbody aircraft hasn’t been doing well.

In February 2020, five companies including Air Canada cancelled some 737 MAX orders for a total of 41 cancellations of the aircraft. Topic: Boeing Loses More 737 MAX Orders

(Avolon Aerospace is leasing an A330neo to Garuda Indonesia’s low-cost carrier, Citilink)

However, Boeing wasn’t the only one that lost from Avolon’s cancellation. The company has cancelled 4 commitments for the A330neo set to be delivered in 2021.

Additionally, Avolon has deferred an order for 9 A320neo family aircraft from 2020/2021 to 2027.


Jet Airways:

Once again, a huge blow to Boeing’s 737 MAX program. Unfortunately, this may be the start of a “wave of cancellations” for the MAX due to COVID-19.

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I forgot about the MAX… I can’t believe they still aren’t back in the air


Honestly a surprise that there wasn’t more of this going on, great topic.

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This is crazy!!!

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The number alone sounds like a lot. But there are still around 4300 orders for the MAX. While the list price is around 120,000,000 Dollar, airlines who ordered a larger number pay around 85,000,000 Dollar per unit. Development cost were around 2-3 Billion. Now multiple 85,000,000 with 4300…also this cancellation might hurt Boeing- there is still this enormous number of aircraft that has be delivered. Maybe Boeing should try to sell more of the 737 MAX 10… This version has a big advantage : It does not need and therefore has no MCAS installed.


At the very least I’m sure we’ll be seeing deferrals for the 737 MAX very soon.

Yeah, this is just a 1.7% cancellation of the total MAX orders. Though, even without MCAS on MAX 10, it’s still going to be grounded until the entire MAX program is recertified?

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The MAX 10 doesn’t have MCAS? Never knew that damn

The MAX 10 just did it’s first taxi tests in March, it still has some time till the first flight. Due to the new main landing gear mechanism there will be a lot more taxi/ high speed tests compared to the other versions of the MAX.
The 737MAX is awaiting a new type approval. That is why the 10 can not be certified. The approval is granted for the “family”, not for single versions of a family.
And of course the MAX 10 has to show, that MCAS is really not needed. But computer simulations and simulator test flights have shown that the longer fuselage and therefore the center of gravity helped to reduce this pitch up tendency in certain flight scenarios.

A bit off topic:
I had the chance to fly the MAX8 on November 8, 2018… a few days after the Lion Air accident .See the time stamp of my pictures. Because of the aircraft’s behaviour during our flight I wanted to see the stabilizer compartment and look for something abnormal. I took a picture and as we had planned another flight next morning i made this now sarcastic picture, thinking “if this thing behaves again like today, that is all what will be left from us tomorrow”.

Why the chance to fly the MAX? Because a large German Airline was also in thoughts of ordering it, it is like if you want to buy a new car and test drive it.


EasyJet could cancel 104 aircraft order to avoid financial difficulties

Did you guys not order it because of that? Does it seem like it was the same thing that happened on those two fateful flights as yours just less controled in the two accidents?

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