Boeing Loses 69 More 737 MAX Orders

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GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), a major aircraft leasing company, has announced a cancellation for 69 737 MAX 8 orders. Nice.

Why did they go for 69 instead of rounding up to 70? No idea.

GECAS had 29 Boeing 737 MAXs in its fleet before the groundings. After cancelling 69 orders, GECAS will have 82 remaining on order.

GECAS’ CEO Greg Conlon:

“Today’s agreement will help GECAS better align our available fleet with the needs of our global customer base. We remain fully committed to the 737 MAX program and our valuable, long-term partnership with Boeing.”

GECAS has leased its 737 MAXs to airlines such as Jet Airways (when it was alive), Smartwings, Okay Airways, and more.

Full Press Release:

Last week, we received confirmation of Boeing losing 150 737 MAX orders in March 2020. It looks like these cancellations are continuing to accumulate quickly.


Jeez, Boeing’s taking a serious beating.


This is not good!

The downfall of boeing??? In my eyes Airbus has already won years ago!

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Maybe just for the sole purpose of making us all chuckle a little when we read it. Everyone could use a good joke these day’s, even if it is, well that one… 😂




yikes, Boing is going down the drain. Hope Boeing will see better times.

zoinks scooby

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I smell a government bailout

sniff sniff All I can smell is the Kerosene.

You may need corrective lenses lol.

No one needs corrective lenses to tell that the 737 max was rushed out to compete with the 320Neo.
Lives were lost because all boeing cared about was competition in competing with airbus.


It all comes down to a culture problem starting years ago (design and production takes years). McDonnell Douglas merger brought in cost cutting, the moving of Boeing’s headquarters, moving of factories for cheap labour, rushing aircraft through design. This is for both the 787 and the MAX, although a number of other factors also pressured the design of the MAX, such as the order from American Airlines for an A320neo competitor that didn’t even exist yet.

Regardless, it all comes down to Boeing taking shortcuts. They made the final decisions whether something is approved or not during design and production (without FAA oversight anyway).


Think you both missed the “lol” in my comment.

Then why would you even bother leaving such a cheap remark that could be hurtful? A bit random.

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Because hurt people hurt people. (I think that the saying)

It wasn’t meant to hurt anyone, just a joke.

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Man Boeing is down…down… hill.

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It is a shame what Boeing and the MAX are going through. If you want my opinion, the MAX is a great aircraft with an unfortunate fate. Had they not rushed the aircraft software it probably would have been quite a popular addition to the almost 60yr old family of 737s.

Nice but not nice if you catch my drift

Seriously, Bowing is going through quite the rough patch right now.