Boeing Looking At Creating "757-PLUS" and "767X"

I think that any airline companies are always going to be looking for new and improved airliners. But at the same time, there are a lot of airlines that have back orders on other planes. For example, as you all know, Delta has retired their 747’s, and they are looking to buy TONS of A350s, to be the “long-haul” plane of their choice. I’m interested to see what changes they make to the cockpit, since the current 757 and 767 have pretty much outdated parts throughout the flight deck. An exciting prospect indeed!

A brand new “Flying Pencil” would be awesome (that is what I call the lovely B757) I like the -300 better though. If Boeing actually goes through with this plan they might become my favorite manufacturer.


I really really hope this happens


Would be great to see! I think they’d avoid the ‘Max’ relation. Not sure what they’d use in place of this. Not a fan of ‘plus’ either 😁

Oh look its Hiro’s photo. I met him once.

Gotta love PDX spotters.

Today at Boeing’s investors call:


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So I guess we’re all gonna ignore that the plans for the 797 is a literal crossbreed between the 75/76😂

I hate to be the party pooper but I see no chance of this happening

The 757-PLUS is pretty cool… But I don’t get the 767X at all. I thought they already created an upgraded 767 when they released the 787.

I mean… isn’t that basically the definition of the 787?


Yeah I agree. The 787 is exactly that

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Which is why it might be aimed towards cargo operations instead of passenger.

For what it’s worth, the 767 usually seats less people than the 787-8.

Ex. American’s 767-300s had around 208 seats while their 787-8s have 234.

LATAM’s 767s have 220 while their 787-8 seats around 250.

So in a way, there’s a gap for a new aircraft in between the capacity of a 757 and 787.


Even though the lord @Ishrion has posted it, I still don’t see this happening.
Bringing an aircraft back to the production lines? Idk, just doesn’t seem like this will happen. I wouldn’t be against it, but I’m just skeptical. We will see!

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Don’t expect everything I post to come true ;)

The 767 Freighter is still being produced, so it shouldn’t be too hard to switch over to an upgraded version.

A modified 757 will be different however, but everything’s still in the early stages at this point.

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All I have to say is: Finally!!

This. Must. Happen. I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life lol, let’s hope Boeing begins developing them

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The 757 is my second favorite plane behind the 77W. It’s just an amazing piece of engineering. If successful, the 752-PLUS would be a pretty good rival of the A321XLR. The 767 is a really underrated plane and a 767x would be interesting. I’d assume it would kind of have a market of its own? Perhaps bruising against the 330neo?
I just hope this reignites Boeing’s fire because they need a banger to get things going again

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I don’t think a 757x or max, or plus, or whatever is going to happen, the cost of designing of from the ground up will be justified in how much better it would be, to bring the 757 up to spec as an aircraft airlines are going to want to operate long haul, and for the foreseeable future your looking at minimum new engines, new cockpit, and most likely new wings, not to mention hundreds of other small upgrades to bring bring it up to spec, combine that with the need to rebuild a production line, that doesn’t just mean allocating factory space, but that also means getting supply chains for thousands of individual parts. A new aircraft would be easily justified because if you already have to re start production, re design probably the better half of the aircraft, and I think redesigning the other half to make use of composite materials, newer aerodynamics, and the hundreds of smaller benefits that come from an entirely new air frame would be easily justified by Boeing and airlines. And then don’t even get me started on the 767, again the cost required to bring that up to spec wouldn’t justify it especially because Boeing already has the all new version. A 767x would be just like the A330n, it’s a shorter range less efficient, less comfortable aluminum little sibling to the A350, and a 767x would have the same relationship with the 787. Airbus to my knowledge hasn’t turned a profit on the A330n, it was the aircraft originally proposed to airlines, but airlines didn’t want it to compete with the 787, and so airbus made the A350, but also made the A33n and hasn’t turned a profit on the later, why would Boeing want to repeat that?

There’s also the not insignificant engine question, what mid size engine would justify a re-engining of the 757/767? 767 could probably take a GEnx Trent 1000 or something comparable, but then that puts it in direct competition with the 787, and the same position as the A330n. Even if airlines don’t care about the insanely long range, and want the aircraft ASAP the A330n would then be nearly identical, and could be ordered today. The 757 I suppose could take a leap 1b, but then what makes it better than a 737-10 or A321XLR? If anything it would be worse because it would actually lose thrust, and so spare a mericle on the wings would lose MTOW, and runway performance, it’s two specialties. Who knows what engine manufacturers have up there selves, and same with Boeing, but I dint see either of these coming ever with what is currently known…


Yes ​Boeing examines GEnx-powered 767-X for cargo and passenger roles | News | Flight Global

Unless they go for a Freighter 767X

The 757-200 has around 700 more miles of range than the 737 MAX 10. An upgraded 757 would likely have even more and allow airlines to easily replace old 757 routes without being restricted by the range of the MAX 10.

As for the XLR… I guess if airlines are patient and don’t need an immediate midsize long-range aircraft (Delta), they could go for Boeing’s revamped 757.

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I don’t think it would be better actually than a 737-10 or A321XLR, hear me out on this one. A current 757 has 36-43,000 lbf per engine at takeoff thrust, a leap 1b only does 29,000, now with more room under the wing than a 737 they could probably get a bigger diameter closer to a leap 1a, but even that is 32,000. So let’s say this would probably have 30% more efficient? Something like that, I can’t find a direct comparison, but given the leap vs older cfm engines on 320s and the 757s engines being a bit older than that, I think 30% efficiency is a decent estimate. But for 30% more range you get 26% less thrust, so that either means you get rid of its advantage of smaller airport performance, and hot and high performance, or you get rid of 25% or your passengers or fuel, so by my math (and I know it doesn’t add up this nicely, there’s lots more factors, but ballpark) were only looking at a 5% range increase while maintaining the other performance characteristics. I’m not sure what Boeing could do with new wings, harder to quantify that, and perhaps a new “leap 1d” or something could come with more power since the 757 would have more room under the wing than an A320 I think, but still, I think we’re looking at marginal benifits here, a new aircraft would probably be able to extract a lot more, but still I think with current engine technology unless you want to make an aircraft on stilts and put a GEnx under a 757 sized aircraft I don’t think there’s a good way to make a high performance long range mma spare a new engine, but the leaps are pretty new, so I doubt there’s much more to be gained…

I think the A321XLR would have it beat, and you can order that today…


Ok, because it’s quarantine and I have nothing better to do, I’ve been looking into how plausible this is, and it’s not that absurd, so the GEnx-1B used on the 747-8 has a fan diameter of 104 inches, that’s as opposed to the 85 of the current larger engine of the two options. Strap one of those on and you get 8 inches of ground clearance. Pretty much if they can find 9 inches somehow, smaller fan diameter, raising the engine just a bit, something, they will have the same ground clearance as a 737MAX which I assume is pushing it right to the limits. Seems plausible, and the engine has 66,000 lbs of thrust at takeoff, so we could actually see a significant amount of performance improvement, but 40% more thrust could probably cause some issues… 😬

Not to mention that the engine weighs almost twice as much 😬

So ya, probably not gonna happen, but with a like GEnx lite it doesn’t seem completely impossible, and a significant payload increase could see the 757 become the indisputable king of single isle long haul. By my likely flawed math a 757 with no other significant changes could get like 1.3x the range of the A321XLR off a runway 3/4 as long, which would definitely present an interesting prospect to airlines. A 200 seat aircraft capable of Pittsburgh to China or comparable that only needs 6,000 feet of runway 🤔

That would be one heck of an airplane, but there’s almost certainly too many problems with weight and too much thrust, and my math probably isn’t quite right, but that would be awesome. And imagine a 757 with massive engines 🤭

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That depends on what variant(s) they decide to make. If Boeing were to reengine the smaller 767-200 that could have a market of it’s own. It had impressive range to being with (about 7200nm for the ER version) which, if remodeled could result in ultra-long-haul flights on a plane with about 200 seats in a normal 3 class configuration. This potential reengined 762 would not tap into any of Boeing or Airbus’s markets seeing as its closed current “competition” could be the 787-8 however that has a normal capacity of 220-250 passengers (significantly higher than a redone 762) and the current 787-8 only has a range of 7500nm (not much different than the 762er from the 1980s). A redone 767-300 or -400 would start to invade other markets but as I said earlier, if Boeing redesigns the 767-200ER we could see routes upwards of 8500nm being served by a 180-210 seat plane.