Boeing Looking At Creating "757-PLUS" and "767X"

Boeing is going ahead with plans to create upgraded versions of the 757 and 767

According to Reuters, Boeing is looking at converting the NMA program into two aircraft: a new 757-style aircraft and a 767 upgrade.

In January, Boeing slashed plans for creating their New Midsized Aircraft (NMA) as they decided to “go back to the drawing board”.

Since then, the company has been studying the “757-PLUS” and “767X”, two upgraded versions of the current 757/767 models.

These aren’t official names for the aircraft.

The “757-PLUS” would likely act as direct competition to Airbus’ new A321XLR while replacing older aircraft in airlines’ fleets.

The “767X” will likely have new efficient engines and new wings, but may be aimed at cargo airlines. However, passenger operations are still a possibility for this revamped aircraft.


Reuters Article: Planemakers slow plans for new jets as they focus on survival | Reuters
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Despite COVID-19 causing air travel demand to slow, Boeing still seems to be going ahead with the plans for upgraded 757/767 aircraft. However, as Boeing is impacted by the effects of COVID-19 and just announced a net loss of $641 million, these new projects may be delayed. Airbus is also studying A330neo and A350 Freighters, so Boeing will likely need to compete there as well.

What are your thoughts on these? Could you see airlines ordering these potential upgraded 757 and 767 aircraft?


A new 757 would be awesome! The market is open right now, and I very much see airlines ordering this!

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The B757 is a superb aircraft. They should have improved it rather than moving to the B737, I’m sure it would be largely successful should this go ahead


Do you think they would call it the 757 Max? Or not because people may be afraid of the association to the 737 Max? Anyways I would love to see a new 757.

Probably 757-ever-so-slightly-increased.


Airbus: Going bankrupt
Boeing: We ShOuLd MaKe A NeW aEroPLaNe

But seriously, would the 757-PLUS possibly be a direct competitor to the A321LR?


Probably even the XLR, the 757 got near the same range with 80s engines, think about the efficiency benefits from 30 years of engine technology. The MAX was like 20% more efficient, and that was just 10-20 years


It baffles me that they’ve still not learnt their lesson. Where is that innovative spirit they had two decades ago when they revealed the 787?

Yes, it’s more expensive and risky. But it’s too late to compete with the A321, as the new 757/767 is still many years away. Playing the long game and designing something completely new will beat Airbus in the long run.

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I have a BIG doubt they will call it the 757/767 Max. When the Titanic sank, they renamed another ship (which also sank BTW), to something that wouldn’t reference the ill-fated ocean liner.

MORE 757S!!!


IF this happens it’d be great


That is true, but Boeing already has enough aircraft in each market (short haul, medium haul, and long haul), and since a lot of airlines are phasing out the 757’s and 767’s they figured it was the perfect time to revive the dying aircraft in the medium-long haul market by redesigning them.

757-PLUS sounds more like a phone than a plane, but it’s nice that Boeing is considering making a “newer” version of these planes.


Agreed! When I said a new aircraft, I meant one in the same NMA market as the 757/767 - a new aircraft designed in place of the 757/767, rather than adding some touch ups to last-gen technology.


Interested to see how this would play out. The 757 PLUS would be a game changer in my eyes. Think of all those sweet sweet point to point routes it would open. The 767X meanwhile is still suitable for those cargo ops. I mean look at FedEx with their 767s. 767s are some nice cargo aircraft too and would serve as a great replacement for 30 year old -200s and -300F types

I’m guessing the “plus” is to avoid coordination with the 737 MAX, sounds interesting!

The 757 Max would not do so well in the minds of Passengers

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I think this is a real great idea. Bring back the classic 757 and 767 that ruled the middle of the market. I’m sure won’t be easy to re-design both to make them more fuel efficient and more appealing to airlines. Hopefully Boeing would learn rather than just putting bigger engines on and it messing up the flying physics (MAX).

I would hopefully assume that they wouldn’t name these the 7X7-MAX. Because of the bad similarities to the 737MAX. I would assume they would name it 757-8/9 and 767-8/9 or what was already said to just naming it with an PLUS or a X on the end.

Really great idea. Would love to see re-designed and more efficient 757s and 767s in the skies!

I’m not a huge fan of either of these aircraft, but they are cool. And I’m happy that these planes are coming back. Overall I think it’s a good idea.

The 757 is probably the most versatile and best airliner ever made so I think it would be a huge success

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Ladies and Gentlemen, our dreams (or at least my dreams) of a 757/767 upgrade shall become true. This has just made my day 1000 times better and if you ask me it is a better decision to redo the 75/76 in opposition to the NMA. This will allow Boeing to create a new(ish) jet much faster than the still unknown details of a NMA.

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