Boeing Launches 777X Freighter

Boeing Launches 777X Freighter


Today in Washington DC at the White House Boeing formally launched the 777X Freighter.

Qatar Airways released a statement in part saying:

“Featuring advanced technology from the new 777X family and the proven performance of the market-leading 777 freighter, the 777-8 freighter will be the largest, longest-range and most capable twin-engine freighter in the industry. With payload capacity nearly identical to the 747-400 freighter and a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, emissions and operating costs, the 777-8 freighter will enable a more sustainable and profitable business for operators.”

Included below is an Infographic released by Boeing showcasing the specifications of the aircraft:


Entry into Service for the aircraft is scheduled for 2027

Simultaneously, Qatar Airways became the launch customer for the aircraft, placing an order for 34 777XF’s in addition to an MOU for 50 737-MAX family aircraft, replacing their A321NEO order that was cancelled earlier this month.

This is Boeings first aircraft launch in nearly 5 years, the last was the 737-MAX 10, launched in June 2017 at the Paris Airshow.


I knew about the Max order prior to the topic being posted here but the B77XF is awesome!


I’m glad the 777X is getting a freighter!


Was anything still announced for a -9 freighter, or were those dropped?


Nothing announced. Freighter is just based on the -8.


Nice lol ngl Boeing plane names are starting to sound like iPhone names though

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AIRBUS is really scratching its head thinking about changing the paint brand

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