Boeing Launches 737NG freighter Project

Boeing has recently launched the 737 Next Gen Converted freighter program. They already have seven customers tallying up to 55 planes. most of them are coming from China. They are YTO Airlines, China Postal Airlines, GECAS, SF Airlines and Cargo Air. What do people think will happen. Will it be a success or a bust


SF Airlines? Never heard of it.

In my opinion I believe it will be a bust. That being said, it could also be a viable 757 freighter replacement.

It looks hot

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It’ll be a success. It could become Boeing’s first light cargo hauler.

SF airlines is an cargo airline based in shenzhen china. it only has 20 planes and its been going since 09


I like their livery (kinda). Cool to see a small(ish) airline come along and buy new planes :)

They’re conversions, they’re not new builds

This will most likely be a success and could be acquired be FedEx or UPS to fill the gap between the props and the large narrow body jets.


I totally agree.

How will the higher nose gear improve the 737s performance? I think it´ll reduce the tail strike risks, but I have nothing to support what I write.

With higher you lose cargo space and add weight

I think it can be a good short distance hauler, maybe Amazon can start air dropping packages?

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It can´t make much of a difference having the nose gear leveled with the rest of the landing gear.

You might be right but making that change is autocad would be a nightmare.

You may want to rephrase that, I didn´t get what you were trying to tell me.

Airbus launched a program to make also a320 family freighter so I think is a good movement of Boeing.

Good move, the 737 is a good small freighter platform. Trouble is, they can’t land on unimproved runways like the 732, therefore restricting an airline’s options.

I call it a success.
For airlines to be able to carry cargo short haul without using a large 747 or an old 757 would be great. Plus the NG is a very fuel efficient aircraft. I think Boeing hit the nail on this one.

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AutoCAD it’s the program used to design Boeing’s. They’re made in the computer and assembled. Too make that change, it would be such a massive task! You’d have to reposition wires, hydraulics, tolerances would have to be rechecked…trust me, I’ve dealt with this

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