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I would like to know if anyone has had issues with the B737-BBJ range and the B747 BBJ in the sense that when I put the A/P on for the speed to remain at 250kn the throttle keeps bouncing up and down? Is that just my iPad setting or have other people encountered this?

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What was the weight and altitude of the aircraft when this happened?

Thank you! The issue arose when I was flying out of I think Turkey/Schipol and it occurred just as I rotated the aircraft to a speed of 250kn >10,000ft and engaged the A/P the weight of both instances were both normal and in range.

The speed will go up and down, it is completely normal. The AP does not have a hard stop at 250. It is advised that you give yourself a buffer instead of setting it exactly at the speed limit.

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Your throttle will be going crazy when the AP tries to hold speed in turbulence.

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Yeah, you might if become victim to the winds aloft issue, but this does happen. Don’t worry

@Chris_S this was not the ordinary throttle movements, this was more power idle then to full and that would happen till I ended the flight.

@Thunderbolt I’ve never encountered winds that would cause that, since I use the real time weather most winds are 0-25kts (which isn’t very realistic at those heights) but nevertheless this was more prominent in the climb and then a bit in the cruise.

It’s happened to me several times - it’s the winds. Winds aloft, as far as I know, has been fixed which should alleviate the issue.

Winds and vertical speed can cause it.

You see but that’s the thing it had nothing to do with the winds nor VS, my VS was between 2000fpm and 3000fpm and winds were 0 and throttle just gave me issues. Hence me seeing if it was maybe my settings that I did incorrectly wrong or if other people had the same issue. The thing was that it was subtle movements but more drastic to the extend where my aircraft start pitching accordingly if I had no AP

It is a known glitch, it’s a visual effect rather than performance, it should not influence the actual speed of the aircraft.

If you think otherwise, please post a video here on the forum. I would love to see it and take a look.

When I am below FL100, I usually keep my speed no greater than 240 KTS as that acts as barrier. Definitley don’t ride the line, as mentioned above by Chris.

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