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Considering the recent controversies over Boeing, I will be very interested to see what different people think! I’ll also be sitting here with a bowl of popcorn, taking bets on how long this takes to spin out of control

For me, I am finding it harder and harder to support Boeing. I didn’t realize how badly the company has been run in the last two decades until I watched the investigative piece that John Oliver did about the company back in March. It was an eye-opening piece!

For anyone who wants to watch it, or is wondering what the heck I’m referring to, here’s a link to the youtube video. Anyone who has an HBO MAX subscription is also able to watch it.

I agree. The CEO was out of hand not good for the company. But I do see a bright horizon for Boeing after everything gets straightened out.

With Boeing new CEO, I think stuff should eventually get back to normal, just like it was before all of the drama happened.

I do see this topic getting very argumentative about some stuff but let’s hope for an appropriate, and respectful topic.

But let’s also keep in mind that we do have to have some respect towards Boeing for multiple reasons. To be fair, we all have our biases, and we can’t let that get infront of us to the point where it gets disrespectful.

We also have to realize that Boeing is not “unsafe.” It was just a screwup.

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