Boeing House (Old) 777-200ER

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Time for another steamy House livery request! This time, we’re gonna be taking a look at the classic House Colours for the 777-200ER. Yes, it only existed on the normal -200, but I think it could be included in the ER version because of its sheer beauty! This livery was placed on the first 777-200 built for its inaugural flight which was then transferred on to United Airlines until being given to Varig in 2005 and then to Transaero in 2008 until retirement in October of 2015. Why do I want this livery? First of all, look at it, it’s nice. We have a house livery for the A350 so why not have a livery like this for an up-to-date Boeing aircraft?

The Boeing 777 was built to bridge the capacity gap between the Boeing 767 and 747 and as a competitor to the DC-10 and MD-11 tri-jet family. There were originally plans for a 777-100 Tri-Jet which didn’t go through, explaining the skip all the way to 200. The aircraft itself operates using three engines: The Pratt & Whitney PW4000, Rolls Royce Trent-800, and General Electric GE90.


If needed, I’ll provide a better image. Isn’t this beautiful?

About Boeing:

About the 777:

What do you think?

I like this livery! Although I’m out of votes, I support this feature request as well as the livery itself!

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Needed. I wish Boeing had gone with more of the '90s cup style though considering that the 777 was released in the 1990s.


That is the greatest comparison ever, not even kidding


This thread got me thinking, what if they included the 777-200 as part of this rework as well? I mean, there aren’t any physical differences between the -200 and -200ER, so it’s really just a matter of more liveries, providing flexibility for those who want to fly liveries such as CX. Be sure to vote for your own thread by the way.

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Remember to vote for your own topic :D @Tsumia

I’ll just say I don’t have a vote to spare and rarely do free votes up. Don’t be surprised that I don’t vote for myself.

The old Boeing house livery looks far better than their current one. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the current version, but this old livery looks better to me.

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I like this livery 🤩, it looks retro

A reminder of the days when Boeing used to make good quality planes… good luck with this one! I would vote, but Im out!

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Can it be that there is only this House livery and not a newer one 🤨?

Well for the 772 this is the only House livery. The 77W, 77L and 77F have their own respective House liveries.