Boeing House B777-200LR Livery

Hello! with the B777 and 20.1 just around the corner I think the time is right to post this. I hope you agree with my points and share my hope for this to be added into the simulator!

About the Aircraft:
The 777-200LR (Long Range) was unveiled to the public 15th February 2005 and its first flight carried out on 8th March 2005. Then a short 11 months later on the 2nd of February 2006 the airplane was certified to carry passengers. In between this time the 777-200LR set a new world record for the longest non-stop flight by a passenger airliner by flying Hong Kong to London the wrong way round the world. It covered 11,664 nautical miles and flight time was 22hrs and 42mins which is a record still held today even beating Sydney to New York. And after all this the first 777-200LR was delivered to Pakistan Airlines on February 26 2006 as AP-BGY. Then on May 23rd 2008 the frame design and engine specs where used to make the B777 Freighter. Sadly the older sibling the 777-200ER outsold the LR model by about 760 Units. Ouch.

Reasons for adding the livery:
I believe this should be added because Boeing liverys haven’t had alot of love in Infinite Flight with the only airplane with Boeing liverys being the B788, B78X and B748. Another reason for this is it would allow us to do Boeing test flights around the american north west and for Virtual Airshows this would be a valuable addition as Boeing make an appearance at most major airshows.

Reasons for you to vote:
I think you should vote for this because any new livery added is invaluable to users. It opens so many possibilitys such as Formations Flights, Recreation Flights, Airshows and so much more. With new engine sounds, realistic physics, TCAS, body gear steering, and opening doors adding so much more depth to the game this livery would be great to tie the features all together.

I hope you can see the possibilitys the livery adds and you could vote for it. Thank you for your time

Hello mate
Looks like a nice request, sadly it’s a duplicate. (As you said: “it looks similar”)
If you want you can vote here:

But maybe if you put in a bit more detail the mods won’t close it ;)
Detail like: why should we have it?
Why should I vote for it?
Why is it needed?
What the heck is even a 777-200LR?
What means those “LR”?

That are some questions you have to answer
Have a nice day😊 and I wish you the best


I closed the old topic as it was 4 years old. A bit more details would be appreciated though, yes! But it’s okay for now 👍🏼😊


See? With more detail you can get more people to vote
Like me :), I think it’s a pretty nice request and that Boeing House livery looks pretty good


I love this livery. It’s blue, modern and it’s amazing.

Im like 99% sure I just seen this in the First Look!

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it is on the thumbnail, gg then



Confirmed. Thanks all! This is a house fave amongst the team alongside the Iraqi!