Boeing House 777-200LR Shots (Phase Two - Open Beta)

Hello everyone, I’ve attempted to edit some shots from a quick little takeoff I did in solo, just to see what I could do to the pictures. I’d like you to be the judge of how they look, I’ll attach a poll at the end of this thread, and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Flight Details

Server : Solo
Flight Time : Two Minutes, Literally
Aircraft and Livery : 777-200LR, Boeing House

Exiting the hangar.

View from above, exiting the hangar.

A steep takeoff to test performance.

A wing view of the beautiful sunrise in Seattle.

Rate the pictures on a scale from 1-10.

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Thank you for viewing my topic, enjoy the beta!


Awesome shots, Shane! :)

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I love the boeing house livery :D one of my favs also

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Woahhhhhhhh that first shot is amazing!! Great job Shane!

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Boeing house livery for the win. Awesome shots man

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My favorite shot by far. Amazing photos Shane.

Nice shots Shane! The steep takeoff photo takes me back to when Boeing announced their 789 with an air show.


I clicked 1 as I thought it said what photo was the best! I meant 10!!! :D

The first one!

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Thank you all, I appreciate the support.

It’s very nice for taking pictures, and the shades of blue are fantastic!

That type of shot was exactly what I was going for, thank you noticing!


11/10 on the scale, perfection.

Thank you so much. ❤️❤️