Boeing hit by China Tarrifs

Even though I’m a hardcore Airbus guy, I kinda feel bad for Boeing as they did nothing wrong here but are getting taxes imposed on their aircraft. Now in China, all Boeing aircraft will cost an extra 25% giving Airbus a HUGE advantage in the fast-growing Chinese aviation market. I would personally put the blame on Trump because he started this trade war and instead of helping US companies, he’s messing some up even more.

Tell me what you think!


YIKES! That’s a lot. Although to be fair, Trump did nothing wrong as the new tariffs should increase domestic steel and aluminum production, this is just one side affect if that.


Mm… Before you start a political war, state your research. First off, this ISNT a trade war yet. However for Boeing, the Tarrifs might negativly decrease their production rate until further actions by our POTUS is handled. Again, I feel bad for the US Economies Stock Market drop, but I don’t feel like choosing sides. Boeing I feel was not really entitled to get hit with a 25% Tarriff but this is not anyone to blame. I’m happy for Airbus, however will their demand for more production of their A320 series also decline with China’s imports


Well if you haven’t heard he recently placed tariffs on all Chinese goods, resulting in a justifiable retaliation from china of tarrifs on american goods.

Like I said… because Chinese goods now cost more we can grow our businesses here in the US


The Boeing stock fell 5% today (that’s an investors nightmare)


Really? My Stocks app tells me it fell 3.38%. Still a bummer, but hey; it’s stocks, everything is a gamble! Anyway, at least Boeing still has the rest of the world to give their planes :)


It fell 5% at the opening. It got progressively better.

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On the other hand, China now tremendously raised their tariffs on agricultural products from the US, like Soja. They also set the tariff for US cars to 50%.

This will cause an enormous damage for your farmers and car manufacturers.

At the end, no one wins with those tariffs. It’s nonsense. The win of one company is the lost of another one. Those tariffs don’t help political relations at all. It’s just another idiotic game by some politicians.

I’m happy to continue this discussion in PM ;)

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