Boeing F15 Vs F22

Well we all love fighter jets the F15 being the most used, F22 being more iconic
But what would be better for the USAF to buy more F15s Or F22. WELL LETS JUMP INTO THE FACTS
F15: never shot down used by airforce alot its MCR (mission capable rate) 79% with a cost classified
by the USAF. F22 facts, one of the newest aircraft MCR 69% a mission cost of 68,362 smackers
the F15 can carry % plus weapons while the F22 can carry 4 difrent (may not be acurate im going with a book and google) whos best YOu choose

  • Boeing F-15
  • Boeing F-22

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Thanks how do you do that

- Option 1
- Option 2
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Boeing and Lockheed are the same company?

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No boeing is way difrent then lockhede martin

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Oh, because the poll said Boeing F-22

F-22 is one slick aircraft. Love that thing!

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